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It can be difficult to know what style or finishes best suit your needs when doing a bathroom renovation. With the many different types and options to choose from, a project that seemed exciting in the beginning can quickly become a burdensome task.

Something relatively simple to add to your bathroom remodel that will give you that unexpected aesthetic appeal would be a glass shower enclosure. It can be something you don't think much about, but not only are these popular in style, but they also offer many other benefits concerning durability and cleanliness. Here are a few ways you may benefit from using shower enclosures:

  • Low Maintenance: This will be an investment that will offer you low maintenance and repair. By choosing a frameless shower enclosure, that means you will have fewer metal parts to collect grime and rust over the course of your shower's lifetime.
  • Easy Cleaning: This is such a wonderful benefit to choosing a frameless shower enclosure! Framed or frameless, glass is very easy to take care of and clean. Bathrooms have the potential of being one of the dirtiest rooms in your house, so it's nice to be able to cut off some of your cleaning time with the shower area.
  • Rust-Free: This is especially the case if you choose a frameless shower enclosure. With the lack of metal used, the chance of rust and mildew decrease exponentially. This will also help your shower keep the look of newness over time, and will help with the resale value of your home down the road.

If you are looking for a professional team of shower enclosure experts and installers, check out Hutchinson Glass & Mirror. The oldest, independent, family-owned glass fabricator/retailer in the Washington metro area, Hutchinson Glass & Mirror is able to answer any questions you may have. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Or, hop on over to the blog for some more great tips and answers for any and all of your glass needs!



Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes their large and bulky, and sometimes their smaller in size and therefore make a less demanding statement. Whatever route you are deciding to take on your coffee table decisions, you should consider adding a glass top coffee table to your options. There are many practical and design benefits when utilizing a glass top for your coffee table. A few of them are as follows:

  • By using a glass top on your coffee table, you are able to easily highlight any area rug you have underneath. Typically, the eye catches the coffee table first being as it sits higher and closer to eye level. By allowing part of the table to diminish without losing style, you are making room for more elements of your room to shine through.
  • You can easily make your own coffee table using a glass top. Depending on what type of base you use, you can purchase your cut of glass and get the exact style you are trying to achieve by accomplishing it yourself.
  • Glass is very easy to clean. As opposed to wood or other standard coffee table materials, glass is easily kept sanitary and stain free.
  • When using glass, you are able to have a completely unique base to hold your table top up. Typically, bases are not seen and therefore forgotten about. With glass, the base can be more of the focal point and add creativity to your space.

If you have some more questions regarding glass or table top designs, check out Hutchinson Glass & Mirror. Hutchinson Glass & Mirror is a family managed and produced company that specializes in the highest quality design, production, and installation of any of your glass needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Or, hop on over to the blog for some more great tips and information on how to get started on your glass project today!



If you have decided that you want to improve your bathrooms and new shower doors are in your plans, you can guarantee a positive experience by using professionals for fabrication and installation.

After you meet with a professional, decide what you are going to have done, and schedule an appointment for the installation, you should focus on preparing your home for the day of the installation.

Make a Clear Pathway to Each Bathroom

It is essential to create a clear pathway to each bathroom in your home. With shower doors that are both heavy and delicate, all it takes is one little mistake for them to get damaged or completely shatter.

If this means you need to remove some furniture, it is better to be on the safe side.

Keep Pets and Children Out of the Way

Another obstacle that professionals might have trouble with is pets and children. Although you might be able to keep them out of the way just by telling them, the safer option is to get them out of the home.

Clean Up the Bathrooms Beforehand

Since the work will be happening in the bathrooms, you need to make sure that each bathroom is clean. Removing everything that you normally keep in the shower area and clearing up enough space for a professional to move around in the bathroom is essential for a problem-free installation.

Create a Nearby Parking Location

It is ideal to not make a professional carry shower doors a long way just to get in your home. Whether you move your car out of the driveway or reserve a nearby parking spot on the curb, the closer a professional can park, the less distance they have to travel to get your shower door safely inside.

If you are interested in new shower doors, contact us today.



Here at Hutchins Glass and Mirror, we have a beautiful selection of etched glass to add to your collection at home. But do you know how your etched glass was made? 

There are several methods used for etching, each creating a slightly different effect.

Acid etching 

Acid etching uses the colorless chemical called hexafluorosilicic acid combined with several other chemicals that are all heated. Acid etching results in a frosted look. It became popular in English pubs during the 1800s, because the frosted glass prevented people from looking in, but still let in natural light. 

Glass etching cream

This is a simpler method than acid etching and popular among hobbyists. The cream is made up of chemicals that, when combined, lightly eat away at the glass parts it contacts. Glass etching cream is best used on smaller surfaces because the etching often comes out uneven. 

Abrasive blasting or sandblasting 

This method creates deeply etched designs and is good for larger surfaces. High pressure air mixes with sand to etch out the glass. This method is often used commercially. 

Mold etching

The mold etching technique emerged in the 1920s and became popular during the Great Depression because the simplified process meant a comparatively low cost. This technique consists of etching directly into the mold so that the glass emerges with texture already in place. 

Etching is done using a variety of techniques, each leading to a unique piece of glass. If you're interested in learning about the etched glass here at Hutchins Glass and Mirror, please contact us.



Choosing desks for children’s rooms can be difficult on many fronts. For one, kids’ tastes change like the wind. One minute they’re in love with Winnie the Pooh and the next they’re all about Justin Bieber. As a consequence, many desks bought when they are in kindergarten or elementary school many not transition well into high school and college years.

So, what are the options besides buying new desks every few years? May we suggest investing in glass top desks? Glass top desks are durable, timeless and gender neutral. Therefore, kids are less apt to outgrow them when compared to other types of trendy desks. Furthermore, they’re one piece of office furniture that will continue to fit into a home’s interior design long after the kids have moved out.

Plus, glass top desks are extremely customizable. So, making sure junior has enough writing and storage space isn’t going to be a problem either. In addition, ink blotters and other accessories can be customized and swapped for others in a moment’s notice. Therefore, the kids could even change the look of their desks to match the season.

And if you are worried about safety, don’t be. There are a handful of shatter-resistant materials on the market today. Ones that come to our minds are armed, tempered and laminated. However, not all of them are suitable for making children’s desks. With that in mind, the two types that tend to turn up most often are tempered and laminated.

We can explain more about them when you call, e-mail or stop by. So, to learn more about choosing glass top desks for children’s rooms, please contact us at Hutchinson Glass & Mirrors. We are experts at fabricating glass top desks for industrious people of all ages and initial consultations with our team are complimentary.


Living in small apartments is common for city dwellers, but there are plenty of ways to maximize your square footage and make it feel spacious. Glass table tops, for example, are stylish, efficient, and meet many needs. Even in the smallest living rooms, you can add a glass table without making the space feel cluttered. Here are some ideas:

Surface area 

Go with a two-tier table to maximize surface area, with a glass top tier. You can use the glass table top as a conventional coffee table; it can hold coasters, a candle, photographs, a book, or simply leave it spare if that's what you prefer. 

Get creative with the bottom tier. Fan out those back issues of your favorite magazines that have been accumulating dust in the corner. You can also pile books if you're short on bookshelf space. 

For those who like to buy items in bulk but lack storage space: find a straw or fabric box for your extra items, and make sure it has a lid. Place the box on the bottom tier. If the box is shallow enough, it's like creating a third tier. You can still place books or magazines on top of the box. Get a round box for a square table, and a square box for a round table. 

Illusion of more space

Your glass table top will reflect whatever is placed on the surface. This gives the illusion of a more spacious living area. If you're worried that placing a coffee table in a small living room will feel cramped, the illusion of less density will help.


Customizing glass table tops are easy and common, so you can create a table that is perfect for your space. Customize your table to fit the exact length of wall nook, or fit perfectly in the center of your seating arrangement. 

At Hutchins Glass and Mirror, we can help you find the ideal glass table top for your home. Contact us to get started.


Whether you are renting out a property for the first time or you are in-between tenants, making the right improvements will help with renting the property quickly and fetching a higher rental rate.

In regard to the bathroom, there are many upgrades available, and one of them is deciding whether you want to have a shower curtain or shower door, which can change the look and function significantly.

With a rental property, you will benefit most with shower doors for several reasons.

Modern Appearance

It is possible for a shower rod and curtain to look nice, but presenting this to a potential tenant is not going to be as impressive as showing off a brand new glass shower door.

Creating a modern appearance in excellent for catering to those wanting a new look, and it will help you succeed in charging more for rent to the individuals that are interested in this particular style.

Protect the Flooring

If a tenant has children or is simply not used to showering with a curtain, it is highly likely that each shower will create water puddles on the bathroom floor. Although this is okay when it is cleaned up afterwards, prolonged and repeated exposure can lead to rotted flooring, which is a major and expensive problem.

Simple Cleaning

Maintaining a shower curtain is difficult because there is no easy way to keep it clean. It collects dirt and grime over time, and eventually it needs to be replaced. However, cleaning a shower door is as simple as using a squeegee after every shower, and then doing a deep clean every few months.

If you want an easy-to-maintain and good-looking bathroom, a solid upgrade is a shower door.

Contact us to learn about your options for getting a shower door in your rental home.


From small to large, antique or custom-made, wall mirrors serve many benefits other than helping you check your hair. Mirrors are a simple way to dress up any room in your home. These tips below can help you use mirrors effectively around your home.

  • Make your rooms seem larger.

A large mirror can make a room look much more open and spacious. Instead of being faced with a blank wall, a mirror reflects the room behind you into sight. This technique is wonderful for small rooms, or rooms with dark walls. A frameless mirror will amplify this effect, as the lack of harsh border between wall and glass helps the open effect. Use large wall mirrors in social spaces like living and dining rooms to create a welcoming and spacious room.

  • Use mirrors to amplify light.

A mirror that catches sunlight from a window can give the impression of even more space as it reflect the light around the room. Use mirrors to brighten up a space that might otherwise seem dim and stifled. This works especially well in bathrooms that have small or no windows. Instead of getting a small medicine cabinet, a mirror the length of the counter-top with good lighting can turn a cramped, dark room into a refreshing and well-lit space. Aside from windows, this effect also works with other light sources, such as a small mirrors near candles or light fixtures.


  • Place mirrors where they can actually be used.

When placing mirrors in the home, don’t forget their actual purpose - to reflect an image. Generally, functional mirrors are resigned to the bathroom. But think of the other places in your home where a mirror would serve both form and function. A large mirror in an entryway not only opens up a foyer as a welcoming space for guest entering the home, but can let you get a final glance over your appearance as you leave. Walk-in closets can benefit immensely from a mirror for the same reasons. Bring the feeling of the gym home with large mirrors in your work-out room. Mirrors can find use in many areas of the home outside of the bathroom.


  • Treat mirrors like art

Mirrors themselves can be treated like artwork. Pick a frame that compliments the decor of the room, whether it’s fun and colorful for a child’s bedroom, or one of rustic aged wood for a dining room. A collection of small mirrors arranged artfully on the wall provide the benefits of a large mirror where one may not fit. Small mirrors can also be intermixed on a wall with art pieces beautifully. 

Almost any room can benefit from the reflective properties of a quality mirror. They are an easy way to bring light, space, and art into a room, even in the smallest of spaces. Please contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out how we can help you bring mirrors into your home.


In the 1800s, interior designers started to incorporate etched glass into their residential and commercial designs. As such, it was prominent in French Rococo-style interiors. At the time, the style was very distinctive and as it spread to other countries, modifications were made accordingly. French designers often preferred etching asymmetrical patterns on to mirrors and windows. It was commonplace for those patterns to feature S and C curves as well as rocaille ornamentation. For those etched glass fans that have never heard the term “rocaille” before, please allow us to explain:

It refers to shell work that first appeared in the early 1700s. By shell work, we are referring to images that resemble marine crustaceans. They were used a lot throughout the country as well as by designers in other regions, like Germany, England, Spain and Italy. The shell designs added to the etched glass designs varied but they were often found in similar places. The list of places includes, but isn’t constrained to churches, grottos, castles and manor houses.

Sometimes the shell imagery was paired with representations of other items found in the natural world. For example, they may have been placed alongside of sea grass, leaves, reeds, water lilies and other flower blossoms. Other times, they may have been carved next to marine mammals, mermaids and mythical sea creatures or Deities. So as you can see, it is possible to come up with a wide variety of etched glass designs and still have them fit into rooms decorated with Rococo-style furnishings.

At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we can help buyers come up with inimitable, etched glass designs for their homes or work spaces. The designs may be ultra feminine, completely masculine or gender neutral based on buyers’ preferences. With that said, to speak with an etched glass expert about having a custom piece manufactured for Rococo-style interiors, please contact us today.

37b003efaf279ac1b20b1d09a03d8ac9With all the different types of countertop materials to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the perfect finish for your home. Quartz, granite, laminate, wood, metal and marble are the materials that generally come to mind, especially for kitchens. However, these aren't the only types of materials, glass is also used to great effect. In fact, for both kitchens and bathrooms, glass countertops are one of the best options, for a variety of reasons.


In the past, the most elegant homes were often outfitted with granite or marble countertops. These materials are considered high-end luxuries that last. Today, glass countertops share the stage with these materials, and they are showing up in some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Although they are completely functional, they are also unique pieces of art that express the good taste and individuality of the homeowner.


With a plethora of textures from smooth to wavy to bubbled and anything else you can think of. In fact, it is so flexible, you can easily create a stunning look with this simple material. You can combine different types of glass, in any color you like, layer it, or use a single color. What's more, you don't have to settle for a straight-edged countertop like everyone else. Glass can be formed to curve and bend in ways that other materials simply cannot. That means you can design a one-of-a-kind countertop that no one else will ever have.


One of the coolest things about glass countertops is the variety of ways that they can be lit. Some people prefer to light the glass with colored lights from within. Others use task lighting to shine down on the countertops to enhance the colors and textures within. These approaches are great for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Another idea is to combine glass countertops with glass-fronted upper cabinetry for a bright, open kitchen design. Even without special lighting techniques, glass reflects light and gives the room a lighter feeling than marble or granite.


Glass naturally resists bacteria, making it an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Nothing will permeate the surface either, so you won't have to worry about stains from food or other products ruining your new counters. It's a simple matter of wiping up any spills and they instantly go away. Even better, you never have to worry about sealing the surface like you do with other countertop materials because glass stays non-porous forever.

If you're considering glass countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, congratulations, you're making a good choice. If you need any help along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you and we'll help you choose the right glass for your application.

smallOver the years, so many Americans have fallen under the spell of glass top coffee tables and one type in particular, Herman Miller’s Noguchi. The company was able to produce the popular piece in the 1940s thanks to Isamu Noguchi, who was a revered Japanese artist at the time. He’s the same man who later went on to create some of the most famous outdoor art in the world, including NYC’s Red Cube and the Sunken Garden. In the years that followed, the public’s love affair with the glass topped table faded briefly, only to resume in the 1980s.

Understandably, all of those years were not kind to some of the famous artist’s glass top coffee tables. As such, there are many tables out there in need of a serious facelift. If your Noguchi coffee table is one of them, don’t worry. At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we can repair or replace its glass top to exact specifications. It doesn’t matter if your original one was outfitted with 7/8-inch or ¾-inch thick, plate glass. Our custom fabricators can easily handle both types.

Speaking of which, if you have a replica Noguchi table and want to redesign it in a way that deviates from the norm, we can do that too. For example, we can etch the image of Japanese roses or other designs into the glass or add a bit of frosting. We can also transform its look with back-painted glass or other adornments. Just set up a complimentary consultation and let us know what you want the glass top to look like. Once we have a clear idea of your vision and have had a chance to look at the coffee table’s wooden base, we can manufacture the glass table top of your dreams. To learn more about customizing or repairing glass top coffee tables like the Noguchi, please contact us today.

6a2342adebd6e606d49415024cf67b0d236Sliding glass doors have become a popular option for households here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, though we know that many people like to customize with the glass door concept. We've had some customers who've enjoyed customizing their homes to a point where a glass door and walls become an unusually fashionable choice for a room. And it's something we can create for you if you've had a similar idea while designing the interior of your home.

How can a glass door and walls partitioning a room work in interior design? You might be surprised at how effective it can be, especially when you have valuable things in a room you don't necessarily want people being close to.

Glass Walls as a Way to Display Room Items

Collectors of antiques or other valuables might want to build a small room with a glass door and walls so visitors can see the items in the room without getting up close. Since those items are resting on shelves, you might have kids around during a gathering that could otherwise mean something falling off and getting broken.

With the glass walls, you can showcase those items without worry of something being damaged. By locking the glass door, you can also keep anyone from walking in. In that regard, it almost works like window shopping.

Keeping Transparent Walls to Keep an Eye on Things

Perhaps you want a room where you can go work while still wanting to keep an eye on your kids or other parts of the house. With a room utilizing glass walls, you have a sound-proof area while still giving you a chance to watch your kids playing in another room. It's an idea that should arguably be incorporated into offices rather than cubicle walls. Along with customization, you can easily add a curtain to the glass walls to use during times when you really do want privacy.

Contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out more about custom projects like this and so many more variations. Ideas are limitless when it comes to using glass and mirrors in your furniture and home design. Let us show you how effective it can be in bringing something different.

0dc96db73139cc96125a28e937278895FOR BLOGCoffee tables with glass table tops can look very modern, yet fit into a large variety of decorating styles. A unique attribute about these types of tables is that you can use a variety of decorations underneath the glass to add your own style to the piece. If you’re curious about what kind of collection to display for glass table tops, consider the following ideas.

  • Photographs make wonderful decorations and can be a great way to look back on favorite memories. You could even use postcards from trips you’ve been on to create a unique look without the need for personal family photos.
  • Seashells look beautiful and can fit in with breezy sea-themed rooms. Trying out an assortment of different shells that vary in colors and sizes can help you display a collection that is sure to become a focal point.
  • If you enjoy drinking beer, you should consider displaying coasters or bottle caps from some of your favorite breweries. Due to the small size of these items, your collection can be quite large without looking too busy.
  • Music lovers can display their collection of CD art or records underneath the surface of a glass table top without concern over it becoming damaged.
  • Placing books underneath the glass top can allow you to easily view the covers so that you can appreciate your love for literature.

With a glass table top of a coffee table, you can likely display items underneath on a supported surface. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these tables for your home, please contact us for more information.

713259f27f30312b748f308648c0883aMany Marylanders love to incorporate the feeling of being out on the water in their residential and commercial spaces’ design schemes. And who  could fault them for that? It’s hard not to love being at the ocean or places like Lake Centennial. We have found that one great way to create that  natural vibe indoors is to include custom made glass countertops into one’s interior design plans.

 The multiplicity of glass countertops available on the market today is quite staggering and their inherent qualities make them easy to maintain, clean  and mount to various surfaces. For instance, some of the countertops are made with pieces of recycled glass and resin. Others are fashioned out of  solid slabs, tiles and more.

 Glass countertops also pair perfectly with unique and exciting lighting options. For example, the glass could feasibly be lit from above, below or the  side to give the illusion of movement or sunlight. Some custom designs also allow for lighting to be embedded into the glass itself, which in some ways gives the illusion of an underwater submersible or deep sea divers outfitted with lights.

In our experience, blue and green glass countertops are ideal for beach and lake themed design plans. However, it is also feasible to use earth toned materials and translucent glass tops to give the appearance of a shoreline or sandy bottom. We’ve seen homeowners achieve that very look by covering tan colored, opaque glass with blue translucent slabs.

The other wonderful thing glass countertops have going for them is their ability to be paired with so many other design elements. For instance, it is not uncommon to see them alongside of back-painted glass, antique mirrors, granite sinks, metal chairs and wooden islands. They’d also work with wicker and Adirondack-style furniture, which is so often incorporated into beach or lake themed designs.

To discover more ways to bring the illusion of the great outdoors into your home with the aid of glass countertops, please contact us today.

Obscure glass shower doors and tub enclosures remain popular with today’s architects, renters and homeowners alike. Thus, it is not uncommon to see them incorporated into a variety of bathroom and spa designs. If you decide to join the crowd and add one to your bathroom or spa remodeling plans this year, keep the following dos and don’ts in mind:

Do consider choosing glass shower doors that have been textured on both sides. Studies have shown that they tend to be harder to see through than obscure glass doors that have only been textured on one side. One word of caution though. The double-sided panes may not let in as much light as the single-sided ones. So you may end up sacrificing privacy for illumination or vice versa.  

Don’t discount the power of frosted, tinted and reflective glass to help hide bathers from view. They can be just as effective as textured glass and may be easier for some people to keep clean. Speaking of which, just make sure that whichever cleaner you choose, it isn’t too harsh. Otherwise, it could cause scratches in the shower door or tub enclosure’s special finish.

Do keep in mind that some types of obscure glass may need to be periodically cleaned with more than just Windex. After all, hard water and soap scum have a tendency to accumulate in the shower door pattern’s peaks and valleys. Products that may help remove the unsightly mess are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, lime scale removers and a 50/50 blend of household vinegar and blue-colored Dawn.

To learn more about obscure shower doors and tub enclosures, please contact us. At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we have a vast array of obscure, patterned and textured glass that can be customized to suit your needs. We can also help you find matching wall mirrors, glass shelving, medicine cabinet doors and more to make your home’s bathroom or spa complete.


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It is important to enjoy your bathroom as much as possible, and this can be hard for some homeowners to do when sticking with the bare minimum. For instance, a homeowner is likely to have certain preferences for their showering experience, so making sure they are satisfied with glass shower doors is highly recommended to get the best value on a bathroom renovation.

Use Cut Outs for Hardware

A professional that makes a custom glass shower door can customize your shower door to your preferences. Before doing this, you should learn about cut outs and how you can get a glass hole for something as simple as a door handle, or even for a robe hook when you love to wear robes. If you are interested in the most functional glass shower enclosure, you cannot go wrong with considering mitered glass, door notch, or a Mickey Mouse cut out to create a steam-proof or structurally sound enclosure.

Choose Between Various Handles

If you want something simple and plain, you can go with a square handle or knob table as they look quite standard when it comes to bathroom hardware. However, to go with a Victorian home, you may be interested in a Victorian handle, which will mesh well with your overall style. It is even possible to get a combination that includes a glass door handle and a towel bar, which increases usability.

Do Not Forget About the Accessories

While towel bars and robe hooks have been mentioned already, they are worth considering on their own. It is not a necessity for a towel bar to be meshed with a shower door handle, especially when you have extremely large towels that would otherwise hang to the ground when combined with a handle.

It is also worth considering a robe hook as this can be a great option to maintain a warm temperature after getting out of a hot shower and hit with a blast of cold air on your way out. Additionally, you may enjoy shelf brackets as this will allow you to use the space in your shower enclosure to store items for hygiene.

Contact us for assistance with getting a custom glass shower door for your home.


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Do you cringe at the thought of cleaning your shower glass doors? Do you have stubborn streaks and spots and maybe even a green tinge that all refuse to budge until you scrub with all you’ve got? Well, you don’t have to scrub for hours on end, there are some rather easy methods of cleaning your shower doors so they sparkle and shine just like they did when they were new.

Soap Scum and Hard Water Spots

Vinegar is the perfect cleaner for soap scum and hard water spots. All you need to do is dip your sponge or rag into white vinegar. Coat the door and continue applying the vinegar. Do your best to keep wet vinegar on the shower door for at least five minutes. This will allow the hard water build up and the soap scum to dissolve and become a problem of the past.

If you have stubborn problems, you can try boiling the vinegar and then applying it. Just be very careful doing this.

Once your door is clean, rinse it with warm water.

Mold and Mildew

Soap scum is harmless, but mildew (or mold, which is actually the same thing) might hurt you. This black, pink, or green growth likes to show up your shower doors, particularly around the edges. Mildew is actually a fungus and if you are allergic to mold, it might make you sick.

No matter what you call it, you can easily get rid of mildew with either hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. All you have to do is spray it on the area and wipe it and it kills the mildew. If the mildew gets behind the caulk, it will need to be replaced.


To prevent soap scum and hard water from building up on your door, you can apply car wax to your shower doors. It seals the surface making it harder for anything to settle on the door.

To keep mold from growing, leave the shower door open after using it to allow the air to circulate.

Keeping your shower glass doors looking great does not have to be an impossibility. If your shower doors are beyond repair, though, you can contact us and we'll help you with the next step.


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Working at home can be a challenge, and this is because procrastination and self-discipline get in the way. Ideally, you should turn your home office into the best workspace possible, and this should definitely include a glass top desk, which provides numerous benefits.

Can Make a Small Office Look Larger than It Actually Is

It is not a requirement to have a massive office, especially when most of your work is on a computer. Whether it is an office, dining room, or living room, glass top desks make areas appear larger than they actually are, and this will bode well just about any home office that lacks a lot of space. As opposed to feeling cramped inside a small room, a glass top desk can make you feel like you have ample room.

Helps Achieve a Modern Look

While other materials can be used for office desks, glass top desks are an excellent decision for those that are interested in a modern appearance for their home office. Proper lighting is an important aspect of having a functional work space, and while a glass top desk may not enhance this specific category, these desks can do an amazing job of enhancing the appearance of lighting used for style. For instance, lighting that is below the desk can be seen from above, as opposed to wooden desks where this is not possible.

Can Be Customized to Meet Your Exact Needs

Since offices can vary in shape and size, being able to get a customized desk is crucial. Fortunately, a glass top desk is able to be customized to exact specifications, which means you do not need to worry about fitting a prefabricated glass desk into a completely unique space. It also allows you to get a desk that is ideal for the kind of work you do, whether it includes working with a single monitor, dual monitors, triple monitors, or nothing related to computers at all.

Contact us to get a customized glass top desk that works great for your home office.


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Choosing between from a vast selection of countertops available can be a challenge to do. It is beneficial to create a list of the advantages and disadvantages that come with each option, and this is because it will help you narrow down your choices. While granite countertops are very popular in many homes, another option worth considering is glass countertops as they have a number of great benefits.

Non-Porous Benefits

Since glass is non-porous, you do not need to worry about penetration of liquid, which can cause severe damage to other types of countertops. It is definitely an appealing quality, especially when compared to a countertop such as wood that can hold in liquid, bacteria, and form mold when not maintained.

Simple to Keep Clean

It is hard to get easier than cleaning glass countertops. A little bit of soapy water is just about all you need to make sure your glass surface is sanitary. Whether you are interested in this kind of countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, they make an excellent option as these are areas you want to be very clean.

Can Withstand High Heat

Use in the kitchen is not something to be worried about when it comes to heat, and this is because glass countertops can withstand high heat without experiencing any problems.

So Many Options

Working with glass gives you so many options in regard to colors, shapes, and even textures. It is possible to keep I very simple and go with a traditional appearance, or you can incorporate some interesting colors into the countertops you choose for your kitchen or bathroom.

Glass countertops can be an amazing addition to your home, but you should look at all of the options you have before making any final decisions. If you have any questions, please contact us as we would love to provide you with the assistance you need.


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Sorting through all of the different shower enclosures available on the market day can literally make consumers’ heads spin. So we wanted to make the process less complicated by using today’s blog post to talk about the advantages that come with installing popular types of shower enclosures. Two styles that we’d like to hone in on first are frameless and framed shower enclosures.

Frameless shower enclosures traditionally require the expertise of a glass fabrication expert and the use of architectural-quality glass. Just in case you are unfamiliar with it, architectural-quality glass tends to be stronger, safer, easier to maintain and more versatile than other forms of glass. Thus, it may be used to create a wide variety of unique, personalized shower enclosures.

Framed shower enclosures, as you might have assumed, rely on a support system. So the room’s architectural elements must work in harmony with the shower enclosure’s exact framework. As for the framework, in most instances, it is manufactured out of metal. Furthermore, the doors may be fashioned out of plastic or thin glass. Subsequently, that tends to make them inexpensive but harder to maintain over time.

Of course framed and frameless shower enclosures are not the only options today’s consumers have at their disposal. Some may choose to go with a blend of the two types. The blends are often referred to as semi-framed shower enclosures. They are very affordable and may be crafted in a way that works with unusual layouts. Plus, semi-framed shower enclosures have the potential to look beautiful too.

To ask questions and determine which shower enclosures are right for your properties, please contact us by calling (301) 984-7500. At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we’ve been installing shower enclosures in and around the Washington, D.C. metro area for decades. In addition, we are members of the Glass Association of North America, the American Society of Interior Design and the Mid-Atlantic Glass Association.


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When it comes to turning your ensuite bath into your ideal bathroom, an excellent area to focus on is the shower, especially when you use it on a regular basis. Using a shower is the fastest and most effective way to get fresh and clean in the morning, so it makes sense to make this experience as positive as possible. Accomplishing this goal becomes easy when you incorporate glass shower doors, and this is because they provide many advantages compared to other shower enclosing options.

Minimal Maintenance and Repairs

Getting a glass shower door is an excellent way to minimize the maintenance and repairs that must be done inside of your bathroom. Since most homeowners tend to forego preventative maintenance and end up procrastinating on necessary repairs, not needing much in either category generally means an ideal experience for homeowners. It is even better when you get your hands on a frameless shower door, and this is because there is even less metal to clean on a regular basis.

Simple and Easy to Clean

While you still need to clean a glass shower door, the process of doing it the right way is very easy. All you need to do is administer an application of transparent polymer coating to the door. Doing this will prevent mold from arising, and it will also reduce the amount of mildew that forms. Following these steps regularly will maximize the lifespan of your glass shower door, which can last an extremely long time.

No Need to Worry About Rust

Although there are very strong metals that are used in bathrooms, one problem that they present is the fact that they can develop rust. However, a glass shower door, especially a frameless shower door will ensure this does not become a problem in the future. Investing into this kind of shower door means being able to retain the value of your bathrooms as you will not have to deal with as much corrosive materials. If you want to make this beneficial addition to your home, contact us for additional information.


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Looking for decorating ideas to personalize those wall mirrors? We can customize the glass of your mirrors to fit unusual sizes and shapes, not to mention beveling it to give the glass a touch of class. Once the mirror is yours, however, you may want to try your own hand personalizing our handiwork with some of your own. Here are just a few ideas for DIY framing to get your own creative juices flowing.


  • Shutters

Got some old shutters hanging around? You can deliver a little bit of aesthetic oomph around unframed mirrors by using shutters as a decorative frame. Let's face it: shutters have become far more useful as a piece of decor than for shuttering the house from bad weather. So why not use them where they clearly serve no other objective other than looking good? Depending on the shutters you have, you can paint them to match your wall mirror to just about any decorative theme possible.

  • Virtual Frame

If you really want wall mirrors to pop out as part of your decorating scheme, surround them within virtual frames. Virtual in the sense that the frames exist only as decoration on the wall that cannot be held or moved. In other words, create a frame for your mirrors that is a piece of art work. You can paint frames for your wall mirrors freehand or with stamps or stencils. If you don't like the idea of painted frames, look at wallpaper border or tube lights or glue some photographs from a magazine that match the aesthetics of the mirror itself.  

  • Collectibles

A really inventive way to personalize wall mirrors is to create a frame around them made up of something you have collected over the years. Nothing particularly valuable, of course, but if you have some baseball cards that aren't worth much or small action figures or seashells or pretty much any collectible that can be affixed to the wall around the mirror without destroying its value, you have the makings of a one-of-a-kind frame. 

For more information on the wonderful world of mirrors, or the equally marvelous world of show enclosures, please Contact Us. Thanks.


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Whether you would like to make a drastic change in the appearance of your office or you simply need a new space to work at, it's best to consider the three best reasons why a glass top desk may be the best investment. Not only do these desks look very stylish and modern, they can also make it easier to stay organized and clean due to their streamlined appearance. 

  1. Durable Enough for Regular Use: When compared to cheap plastic or particle board surfaces, you'll quickly find that a glass desk top can be the best surface to work on regularly. Whether you intend on using the desk to place a computer or you spend a lot of time sketching on paper, it's best to consider how durable glass can be when used for a long time. 
  2. Fitting for a Variety of Decorating Styles: Whether your home reflects a modern style or you're interested in something a bit feminine, a glass desk can fit wonderfully into a variety of decorating styles. Instead of assuming that your desk is going to look out of place or be the largest focal point due to the glass surface, it's best to keep in mind how unobtrusive the glass can be and the stylish touch it can add to any room. 
  3. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Glass is recognized as being very easy to clean, allowing you to have a functional work space that can stay in good shape as time passes by. 

Here at Hutchison Glass & Mirror, we want only the best for your home and the decorating that you decide to do. In order for your office space to be personalized and highly functional for working, it's best for you to consider all of the great reasons why a glass top desk can be an ideal addition to the office in your home. To discuss the different styles of desks that we can help with, or anything else, please contact us.


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rsz 7d5aca3c89a9edefbbaa53f67589d316Solid coffee tables might be overly traditional for most households, but have you ever thought of using a glass top coffee table in your living room or guest room? It's a stylish way to decorate a room and one that you won't regret based on its usefulness in more ways than one. Some people underestimate the value of glass for rooms and how reflections help in the realm of interior design. Especially in small spaces, it's well worth considering using on coffee tables of any size.

Reflecting Light

One of the most significant ways a glass coffee table can help a room is the ability to reflect natural light. This can help brighten up a room if you have overly dominant items in a room such as a grand piano. Other overly dark items can stand out better this way, particularly if the glass coffee table is close to a window with open curtains. Just be sure the room has at least one window so you'll have a natural light source.

Giving the Illusion of Space

Glass coffee tables can be seen through, which helps give the illusion of transparency. By using glass, it gives a feeling a room is more expansive than it perhaps really is. It works the same as mirrors do in helping create reflections that give the illusion of more space in rooms with small dimensions. The glass's transparency also gives a chance for a fashionable rug to stand out more as a centerpiece to the room.

Helps Provide Balance with an Overly Colorful Room

If your room has overly bright colors, the transparent glass on your coffee table helps bring a color balance. There's such a thing as going overboard with color to a point where it cries out for something muted. A glass coffee table is just what you need in those scenarios. Placing one in the center of an overly colorful room helps provide visual interest and offsets recurring patterns.

Tiered Glass Coffee Tables

This customized idea is a good one because you can place decorative items in between the tiers on the table. This gives a chance to highlight those items without having them be obtrusive on the table's surface. It also helps protect items like antiques or books if food and drinks are regularly passed around the table's surface.

We want to help design a glass coffee table for you so you can enjoy all these benefits. Contact us so we can customize a glass coffee table for any room in your home. We're a family-owned company that's been around for 94 years providing quality glass and mirror products to generations of customers.


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rsz d8f89b970183930281cc0be15328a059In every home, there's one room of the house that seems to be everyone's escape from least for a little while. 

The bathroom. 

For her, it might mean a few minutes away from the kids and imagining herself drifting away into a wonderful, luxurious spa setting. For him, it might mean a few minutes of peace and quiet, with a design and a feel that makes him feel relaxed. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary for anyone in your home, but only if it's designed in such a way that it feels relaxing. According to a recent article on the She Knows Home & Garden website, the word relaxation is a major element in bathroom trends for 2014. Here are a few suggestions to help you incorporate a more serene bathroom in your own home. 

Glass Shower Doors

There is something that's simply elegant about glass shower doors. Many homes have opted for a shower that's separate from the bathtub in keeping with a more modern home design. You'll add an element of sophistication by incorporating custom-made glass shower doors to your design. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also make your bathroom appear larger. 

Opt For More, Not Less

Minimalistic used to be the trend when it comes to bathroom design, but newer trends are calling for bigger and more dramatic effects in the home. In the bathroom, these effects are especially beautiful. Instead of a small mirror over the vanity, why not opt for a larger mirror that becomes the focal point of the room? Or, perhaps you haven't noticed how outdated your medicine cabinet looks. A new face on it can bring a breath of fresh air into the bathroom as well. 

Mirrored Cabinets

Every bathroom has to have a storage solution, but people are often looking for ways to hide their storage areas because they can detract from the attractiveness of the design. Mirrored cabinets can give you the storage you need while adding a lovely accent to the bathroom. These cabinets can also give you the added space you need in the bathroom to keep the vanity and shelves free of clutter. 

If you're thinking about doing something special with your bathroom this year, we have a lot of great ideas! Our professionals are eager to talk to you about your ideas.


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