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rsz d8f89b970183930281cc0be15328a059In every home, there's one room of the house that seems to be everyone's escape from least for a little while. 

The bathroom. 

For her, it might mean a few minutes away from the kids and imagining herself drifting away into a wonderful, luxurious spa setting. For him, it might mean a few minutes of peace and quiet, with a design and a feel that makes him feel relaxed. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary for anyone in your home, but only if it's designed in such a way that it feels relaxing. According to a recent article on the She Knows Home & Garden website, the word relaxation is a major element in bathroom trends for 2014. Here are a few suggestions to help you incorporate a more serene bathroom in your own home. 

Glass Shower Doors

There is something that's simply elegant about glass shower doors. Many homes have opted for a shower that's separate from the bathtub in keeping with a more modern home design. You'll add an element of sophistication by incorporating custom-made glass shower doors to your design. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also make your bathroom appear larger. 

Opt For More, Not Less

Minimalistic used to be the trend when it comes to bathroom design, but newer trends are calling for bigger and more dramatic effects in the home. In the bathroom, these effects are especially beautiful. Instead of a small mirror over the vanity, why not opt for a larger mirror that becomes the focal point of the room? Or, perhaps you haven't noticed how outdated your medicine cabinet looks. A new face on it can bring a breath of fresh air into the bathroom as well. 

Mirrored Cabinets

Every bathroom has to have a storage solution, but people are often looking for ways to hide their storage areas because they can detract from the attractiveness of the design. Mirrored cabinets can give you the storage you need while adding a lovely accent to the bathroom. These cabinets can also give you the added space you need in the bathroom to keep the vanity and shelves free of clutter. 

If you're thinking about doing something special with your bathroom this year, we have a lot of great ideas! Our professionals are eager to talk to you about your ideas.


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