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713259f27f30312b748f308648c0883aMany Marylanders love to incorporate the feeling of being out on the water in their residential and commercial spaces’ design schemes. And who  could fault them for that? It’s hard not to love being at the ocean or places like Lake Centennial. We have found that one great way to create that  natural vibe indoors is to include custom made glass countertops into one’s interior design plans.

 The multiplicity of glass countertops available on the market today is quite staggering and their inherent qualities make them easy to maintain, clean  and mount to various surfaces. For instance, some of the countertops are made with pieces of recycled glass and resin. Others are fashioned out of  solid slabs, tiles and more.

 Glass countertops also pair perfectly with unique and exciting lighting options. For example, the glass could feasibly be lit from above, below or the  side to give the illusion of movement or sunlight. Some custom designs also allow for lighting to be embedded into the glass itself, which in some ways gives the illusion of an underwater submersible or deep sea divers outfitted with lights.

In our experience, blue and green glass countertops are ideal for beach and lake themed design plans. However, it is also feasible to use earth toned materials and translucent glass tops to give the appearance of a shoreline or sandy bottom. We’ve seen homeowners achieve that very look by covering tan colored, opaque glass with blue translucent slabs.

The other wonderful thing glass countertops have going for them is their ability to be paired with so many other design elements. For instance, it is not uncommon to see them alongside of back-painted glass, antique mirrors, granite sinks, metal chairs and wooden islands. They’d also work with wicker and Adirondack-style furniture, which is so often incorporated into beach or lake themed designs.

To discover more ways to bring the illusion of the great outdoors into your home with the aid of glass countertops, please contact us today.