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Choosing desks for children’s rooms can be difficult on many fronts. For one, kids’ tastes change like the wind. One minute they’re in love with Winnie the Pooh and the next they’re all about Justin Bieber. As a consequence, many desks bought when they are in kindergarten or elementary school many not transition well into high school and college years.

So, what are the options besides buying new desks every few years? May we suggest investing in glass top desks? Glass top desks are durable, timeless and gender neutral. Therefore, kids are less apt to outgrow them when compared to other types of trendy desks. Furthermore, they’re one piece of office furniture that will continue to fit into a home’s interior design long after the kids have moved out.

Plus, glass top desks are extremely customizable. So, making sure junior has enough writing and storage space isn’t going to be a problem either. In addition, ink blotters and other accessories can be customized and swapped for others in a moment’s notice. Therefore, the kids could even change the look of their desks to match the season.

And if you are worried about safety, don’t be. There are a handful of shatter-resistant materials on the market today. Ones that come to our minds are armed, tempered and laminated. However, not all of them are suitable for making children’s desks. With that in mind, the two types that tend to turn up most often are tempered and laminated.

We can explain more about them when you call, e-mail or stop by. So, to learn more about choosing glass top desks for children’s rooms, please contact us at Hutchinson Glass & Mirrors. We are experts at fabricating glass top desks for industrious people of all ages and initial consultations with our team are complimentary.

Working at home can be a challenge, and this is because procrastination and self-discipline get in the way. Ideally, you should turn your home office into the best workspace possible, and this should definitely include a glass top desk, which provides numerous benefits.

Can Make a Small Office Look Larger than It Actually Is

It is not a requirement to have a massive office, especially when most of your work is on a computer. Whether it is an office, dining room, or living room, glass top desks make areas appear larger than they actually are, and this will bode well just about any home office that lacks a lot of space. As opposed to feeling cramped inside a small room, a glass top desk can make you feel like you have ample room.

Helps Achieve a Modern Look

While other materials can be used for office desks, glass top desks are an excellent decision for those that are interested in a modern appearance for their home office. Proper lighting is an important aspect of having a functional work space, and while a glass top desk may not enhance this specific category, these desks can do an amazing job of enhancing the appearance of lighting used for style. For instance, lighting that is below the desk can be seen from above, as opposed to wooden desks where this is not possible.

Can Be Customized to Meet Your Exact Needs

Since offices can vary in shape and size, being able to get a customized desk is crucial. Fortunately, a glass top desk is able to be customized to exact specifications, which means you do not need to worry about fitting a prefabricated glass desk into a completely unique space. It also allows you to get a desk that is ideal for the kind of work you do, whether it includes working with a single monitor, dual monitors, triple monitors, or nothing related to computers at all.

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Whether you would like to make a drastic change in the appearance of your office or you simply need a new space to work at, it's best to consider the three best reasons why a glass top desk may be the best investment. Not only do these desks look very stylish and modern, they can also make it easier to stay organized and clean due to their streamlined appearance. 

  1. Durable Enough for Regular Use: When compared to cheap plastic or particle board surfaces, you'll quickly find that a glass desk top can be the best surface to work on regularly. Whether you intend on using the desk to place a computer or you spend a lot of time sketching on paper, it's best to consider how durable glass can be when used for a long time. 
  2. Fitting for a Variety of Decorating Styles: Whether your home reflects a modern style or you're interested in something a bit feminine, a glass desk can fit wonderfully into a variety of decorating styles. Instead of assuming that your desk is going to look out of place or be the largest focal point due to the glass surface, it's best to keep in mind how unobtrusive the glass can be and the stylish touch it can add to any room. 
  3. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Glass is recognized as being very easy to clean, allowing you to have a functional work space that can stay in good shape as time passes by. 

Here at Hutchison Glass & Mirror, we want only the best for your home and the decorating that you decide to do. In order for your office space to be personalized and highly functional for working, it's best for you to consider all of the great reasons why a glass top desk can be an ideal addition to the office in your home. To discuss the different styles of desks that we can help with, or anything else, please contact us.


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