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install-wall-mirrors-without-damaging-your-apartment-walls-centreville-vaAdding wall mirrors to an apartment can be an excellent way to imitate the look of larger space, brighten a room, and add an attractive feature to your home. While wall mirrors come in all sizes, they all need to be hung carefully to avoid damaging the walls of your rental space. To get started with hanging a new wall mirror, consider the following tips.

Start by Locating the Studs

While smaller sizes wall mirrors can be mounted almost anywhere, it becomes a bit more challenging when working with heavier mirrors. In order for a large mirror to be mounted without damaging the walls, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate the sturdy beams to hang the mirror from.

Rely on Anchor Screws

Anchor screws are one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll be able to hang heavier mirrors without any worry of them slipping from the wall due to their weight. In fact, some of these screws can support well over 40-pounds, allowing you to hang mirrors of all sizes.

Take Care When Removing the Mirror

If you’ve had a wall mirror hung for a long time and you’re ready to remove it, either due to a change in interior design or you’re moving, it’s important to be careful while removing the mirrors. After taking down the mirror, you’ll need to slowly remove any screws and mounting to avoid damaging the walls.

Wall mirrors can look wonderful in an apartment, but you’ll want to be careful during the mounting so that your apartment walls are kept in great shape. If you’re currently on the market for a wall mirror, feel free to contact us.

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From small to large, antique or custom-made, wall mirrors serve many benefits other than helping you check your hair. Mirrors are a simple way to dress up any room in your home. These tips below can help you use mirrors effectively around your home.

  • Make your rooms seem larger.

A large mirror can make a room look much more open and spacious. Instead of being faced with a blank wall, a mirror reflects the room behind you into sight. This technique is wonderful for small rooms, or rooms with dark walls. A frameless mirror will amplify this effect, as the lack of harsh border between wall and glass helps the open effect. Use large wall mirrors in social spaces like living and dining rooms to create a welcoming and spacious room.

  • Use mirrors to amplify light.

A mirror that catches sunlight from a window can give the impression of even more space as it reflect the light around the room. Use mirrors to brighten up a space that might otherwise seem dim and stifled. This works especially well in bathrooms that have small or no windows. Instead of getting a small medicine cabinet, a mirror the length of the counter-top with good lighting can turn a cramped, dark room into a refreshing and well-lit space. Aside from windows, this effect also works with other light sources, such as a small mirrors near candles or light fixtures.


  • Place mirrors where they can actually be used.

When placing mirrors in the home, don’t forget their actual purpose - to reflect an image. Generally, functional mirrors are resigned to the bathroom. But think of the other places in your home where a mirror would serve both form and function. A large mirror in an entryway not only opens up a foyer as a welcoming space for guest entering the home, but can let you get a final glance over your appearance as you leave. Walk-in closets can benefit immensely from a mirror for the same reasons. Bring the feeling of the gym home with large mirrors in your work-out room. Mirrors can find use in many areas of the home outside of the bathroom.


  • Treat mirrors like art

Mirrors themselves can be treated like artwork. Pick a frame that compliments the decor of the room, whether it’s fun and colorful for a child’s bedroom, or one of rustic aged wood for a dining room. A collection of small mirrors arranged artfully on the wall provide the benefits of a large mirror where one may not fit. Small mirrors can also be intermixed on a wall with art pieces beautifully. 

Almost any room can benefit from the reflective properties of a quality mirror. They are an easy way to bring light, space, and art into a room, even in the smallest of spaces. Please contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out how we can help you bring mirrors into your home.

ab08397eee41d768180d3750de341641134While many people think of large pieces of artwork when they begin to look into getting a focal piece for a wall, a mirror can be a stylish alternative. Not only do wall mirrors come in a large variety of styles, they’re also able to reflect light to help encourage natural light in your home. In order for you to be happy with your new focal piece, consider the following tricks for wall mirrors.

Position the Mirrors Strategically

The height that you hang a mirror at can make a big difference in the statement it makes. While you want the mirror to be eye-level, that can be difficult when working with a large mirror. Trying out different placements before hanging can ensure that you’re happy with the positioning.

Find Mirrors with Interesting Frames

One of the best parts of using a wall mirror as a focal piece in your home is the endless options for frames. Taking a look at the different wall mirror frames with the rest of your homes style in mind can help a lot in leading you towards mirrors that will fit right in.

Consider What is Being Reflected

The reflection of your new wall mirror can make a big difference in the final look. It’s recommended to get some natural light reflecting in the mirror, along with avoiding any clutter in the reflection.

Bigger is Often Better

If you’re trying to use a wall mirror as a focal piece, you’ll need to take special care regarding the size. It’s often best to go for the biggest wall mirror possible so that it can be eye-catching and stand out in a room.

If you’re interested in purchasing a wall mirror for your home, please contact us.

7da3f2de13d73a8e47853301a8a84fe0It’s coming up on a new year and there’s never been a better time to freshen up homes and businesses with wall mirrors. In our experience, adding them really helps set the mood and shows a willingness on the part of the building’s owner to change direction. That said, our custom mirror fabricators and installers have come up with a short list of their best tips for selecting and positioning new wall mirrors in 2015. Here it is:

Always keep the rules of Feng Shui in mind when choosing a location for your new wall mirror. The most important one is to place the mirror where it can reflect all of the great things that you want more of in your life during 2015. For instance, if you want more time with your family, place the mirror where it will reflect the images of the ones you love the most.

Furthermore, remember that a wall mirror’s best attribute is the ability to reflect light and imagery in interesting ways. Therefore, keep in mind the basic rules of reflection too. For example, flat mirrors do not alter an image but convex and concave ones do just that. Hence, that’s why mirrors in amusement parks’ fun houses traditionally look the way that they do.

Next, if you plan on hanging a new wall mirror over top of furniture, do two things. First, choose a frame that matches something about the furnishings closest to it. Second, make sure that the mirror’s size, symmetry and hanging height are in harmony with the furnishings as well. If you have any doubts about being able to achieve those things, relay those concerns to our wall mirror fabricators. They may be able to provide personalized guidance.

Similar may be said about selecting a wall mirror’s shape. Because we custom create mirrors, it is possible to go beyond the normal squares, circles, rectangles and ovals. Just be cognizant that Feng Shui principles state objects with severe angles and points should be used sparingly and only in certain situations.

To ask our custom fabricators questions and learn more about how adding the right wall mirror can give people a new outlook on life, please contact us today. We are open weekdays and on Saturdays by special appointment only. So if you e-mail your wall mirror question in, you may expect to receive an answer on one of our normal business days.

ab08397eee41d768180d3750de341641134There is no denying that 18th century French craftsmen were at the top of their games. During that time period, they produced amazing, ornate, gilded pieces of furniture and trumeau wall mirrors. Thus, it’s no wonder that so many people consider it to be the country’s Golden Age of Home Furnishings. There’s just one obstacle for those modern day Americans that want to surround themselves in antique furnishings and wall mirrors from 18th century France. Purchasing authentic pieces is cost prohibitive. Good thing buying customized replicas is not.

At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we appreciate the beauty and functionality of 18th century French designs. There is just no denying that they were stunning works of art. Plus, we have the skills needed to help create customized trumeau wall mirrors to suit. So the only difference between our trumeau wall mirror replicas and authentic ones will be the amount of flaws. After all, antique mirrors are known to have a lot of them and our replicas are flawless. Some of the most common flaws that you’ll find in existing antique mirrors from the 18th century are chipped frames and bubbles or dark spots on the glass.

If you are not quite sure how to choose or install trumeau wall mirrors, don’t worry. Our fabrication and installation experts are ready to provide complimentary consultations to those that need them. In our experience, many trumeau wall mirrors from the period were long, narrow and rectangular in shape. They characteristically featured great, hand-carved detailing at the top with additional flourishes added to the bottom and sides. Some of the elements often included in those carved sections were scallops, florets, flora, bows, ribbons and images of select fauna.

To learn more about trumeau wall mirrors and how to go about having one made for your home or business, please contact us at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror today. Oh, and by the way, in addition to creating replicas of 18th century wall mirrors, we can help create companion pieces too. Examples include, but don’t end with medicine cabinets, shower panels, glass railings and backpainted glass backsplashes.

ab08397eee41d768180d3750de3428ea.jpg 22Decorating the perimeter of wall mirrors with pine boughs, spray snow, flocking spray, spray glitter and spray frost is an age old tradition that we suspect many people will continue this December. Although there is no denying that it will give rooms a festive look, it could also really make the mirror’s surface hard to clean once January 2nd rolls around. Mercifully, there are products that will remove spray snow, pine sap and the like from glass.

Believe it or not, spray snow, frost and glitter tend to be harder to remove from wall mirrors that pine sap and other stains. That’s because most of the sprays are impacted by changes in temperature. So removing them from mirrors located near drafty areas or heat sources may take time and several different methods.

For the most part, using rubbing alcohol on the sprayed area will help cut through the muck. But it can also mark up other materials (e.g. wood frames). Thus, use a lint-free cloth that has been moistened with the alcohol to clean up the mess rather than a spray. If the cloth method doesn’t work, think about temporarily removing the mirror from the wall and attacking the mess aggressively with a plastic ice scraper and a quick dip in a basin filled with pure ammonia.

If sap from pine bough decorations is also present, you may need to use products like Cleanup Batter Pine Tar and Ball Mark Remover, mineral spirits, nail polish and Goo Gone. In a pinch, mayonnaise, and peanut butter may work too. However, they are apt to leave an oily residue behind, which can generally be removed with the rubbing alcohol.

Finally, there is the option of rewriting your family’s holiday tradition and investing in etched mirrors instead. Nowadays, upon special request, they may be permanently decorated with all sorts of holiday images. To make such requests and obtain festive wall mirrors for your home in time, please contact us today.

how-wall-mirrors-can-work-well-in-small-rooms-of-your-home-college-park-mdHaving several small rooms does not mean you need to treat them like so. It is possible to make a small room be just as useful as a large room, as long as you invest in proper organization and furniture. It is simply not realistic to purchase or place large furniture into a small room and except it to work, you need to work with what you have, which is a limited amount of space.

Using wall mirrors is an excellent way to improve your small rooms in a variety of ways.

Get More Light with Minimal Lighting

Having a mirror next to a source of light is a smart choice because it will reflect the light and bounce throughout the room to create even more lighting. Artificial lighting is artificial regardless of how you put it, so it really does not matter whether you get extra light from a floor lamp, table lamp, or mirror.

Make the Space Appear Larger

In a small room, you may feel a little claustrophobic depending on how you organize the room, but despite not being able to get more square footage, you can still make the room feel larger. Wall mirrors can be used to reflect an open space, which gives off the illusion of having more space.

Create a Non-Obstructive Focal Point

If you generally like to have a large focal point in your room, you may not be able to do this when you have a small room that demands functionality. However, you can still enjoy a beautiful focal point with a wall mirror because a wall mirror does not need to consume a lot of room, just some space on the wall.

Contact us for more information about using wall mirrors in your home.



Looking for decorating ideas to personalize those wall mirrors? We can customize the glass of your mirrors to fit unusual sizes and shapes, not to mention beveling it to give the glass a touch of class. Once the mirror is yours, however, you may want to try your own hand personalizing our handiwork with some of your own. Here are just a few ideas for DIY framing to get your own creative juices flowing.


  • Shutters

Got some old shutters hanging around? You can deliver a little bit of aesthetic oomph around unframed mirrors by using shutters as a decorative frame. Let's face it: shutters have become far more useful as a piece of decor than for shuttering the house from bad weather. So why not use them where they clearly serve no other objective other than looking good? Depending on the shutters you have, you can paint them to match your wall mirror to just about any decorative theme possible.

  • Virtual Frame

If you really want wall mirrors to pop out as part of your decorating scheme, surround them within virtual frames. Virtual in the sense that the frames exist only as decoration on the wall that cannot be held or moved. In other words, create a frame for your mirrors that is a piece of art work. You can paint frames for your wall mirrors freehand or with stamps or stencils. If you don't like the idea of painted frames, look at wallpaper border or tube lights or glue some photographs from a magazine that match the aesthetics of the mirror itself.  

  • Collectibles

A really inventive way to personalize wall mirrors is to create a frame around them made up of something you have collected over the years. Nothing particularly valuable, of course, but if you have some baseball cards that aren't worth much or small action figures or seashells or pretty much any collectible that can be affixed to the wall around the mirror without destroying its value, you have the makings of a one-of-a-kind frame. 

For more information on the wonderful world of mirrors, or the equally marvelous world of show enclosures, please Contact Us. Thanks.


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rsz ab08397eee41d768180d3750de3428eaHave you ever considered having a full wall mirror in one of the rooms of your home? It may be a dream project you've always wanted, yet thought it was too out of reach economically or just too much work. It's never too late to add a wall mirror in your home. And while sizes always vary, having a full-length wall mirror can add more benefits to your life than you may have intended.

Full-Length Wall Mirrors Make Rooms Look Larger

Do you have a guest room that's overly small and gives a claustrophobic feeling whenever you step in? A full-length wall mirror can help give the illusion that your room is larger just by reflecting the entire room. This can work even better if the wall faces toward a larger room so the room can give off the feeling of being triple the size.

Using mirrors like this is a common interior design trick to make spaces look larger. With a high-quality full-length mirror, it can give a very effective illusion of depth and a better psychological feeling to those sensitive to small environments. If it looks too convincing, remember to warn guests that it's a mirror so they don't end up having a collision.

Full-Length Mirrors for Trying on Clothes

Everyone wants to get a full view of themselves when trying on new clothes. However, not everyone has the mirror setups at home that clothing stores have in fitting rooms. Setting up a full-length wall mirror in a closet or your bedroom can give you an opportunity to see yourself better and how you look in that new suit or pair of pants.

As an alternative to seeing yourself from both sides, consider using an additional full-length mirror on an opposite wall. This can help you see yourself from behind when reflected in the opposite mirror. It also can help your bedroom look more expansive as you managed with your guest room mirror.

Wall-Length Mirrors Also Help Bathrooms

If it can fit, a wall-length mirror can help make a small bathroom look much larger and more appealing. Considering it's a place where you'll be spending as much time as you do in the kitchen, it's worth serious consideration. You shouldn't worry if someone might think you're conceited having such a mirror there, because guests will appreciate being able to see themselves in full view just as much as you do.

Visit us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror so we can provide any type mirror or glass option you need for your home. The sky is the limit when it comes to using mirror and glass in the home, from doors, walls, to counter tops.


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                                                                                                                                                             When it comes to adding space to your living area, wall mirrors are the perfect addition. Not only do  they make it look as if your room is larger but they add light, elegance, and charm.

 Mirrors work to spread light in rooms which can not only brighten up dark corners but their  reflections make any room look bigger. The key element is to choose what the mirror will be  reflecting. For instance, a dining room wall is the perfect area to place a decorative mirror but you'll  want to make sure  it's not reflecting the sink or garbage area. An opposite decorative wall is a good  reflective area or even  facing a window or door to the outside.

 In fact, wall mirrors add elegance as well and you never have to worry about them going out of style or  you changing your mind on the look, like sometimes happens with wall art. They're timeless pieces  that can be passed down to future generations and are built unique to each person's specifications.

 We've been in business since 1920 and can customize the wall mirror you want to fit in with any  decor. We work with different beveling, patterns, edging and shapes so that your wall mirror is as  unique as your aesthetic and we work with you from start to finish; this includes field measurements,  production, and installation.




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