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Are You Tired of Dealing with Post-Holiday Wall Mirror Cleanups? | Fredericksburg, VA

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ab08397eee41d768180d3750de3428ea.jpg 22Decorating the perimeter of wall mirrors with pine boughs, spray snow, flocking spray, spray glitter and spray frost is an age old tradition that we suspect many people will continue this December. Although there is no denying that it will give rooms a festive look, it could also really make the mirror’s surface hard to clean once January 2nd rolls around. Mercifully, there are products that will remove spray snow, pine sap and the like from glass.

Believe it or not, spray snow, frost and glitter tend to be harder to remove from wall mirrors that pine sap and other stains. That’s because most of the sprays are impacted by changes in temperature. So removing them from mirrors located near drafty areas or heat sources may take time and several different methods.

For the most part, using rubbing alcohol on the sprayed area will help cut through the muck. But it can also mark up other materials (e.g. wood frames). Thus, use a lint-free cloth that has been moistened with the alcohol to clean up the mess rather than a spray. If the cloth method doesn’t work, think about temporarily removing the mirror from the wall and attacking the mess aggressively with a plastic ice scraper and a quick dip in a basin filled with pure ammonia.

If sap from pine bough decorations is also present, you may need to use products like Cleanup Batter Pine Tar and Ball Mark Remover, mineral spirits, nail polish and Goo Gone. In a pinch, mayonnaise, and peanut butter may work too. However, they are apt to leave an oily residue behind, which can generally be removed with the rubbing alcohol.

Finally, there is the option of rewriting your family’s holiday tradition and investing in etched mirrors instead. Nowadays, upon special request, they may be permanently decorated with all sorts of holiday images. To make such requests and obtain festive wall mirrors for your home in time, please contact us today.

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