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Large Wall Mirrors Can Help Small Rooms Look Bigger, and When Trying On Clothes - Centreville, VA

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rsz ab08397eee41d768180d3750de3428eaHave you ever considered having a full wall mirror in one of the rooms of your home? It may be a dream project you've always wanted, yet thought it was too out of reach economically or just too much work. It's never too late to add a wall mirror in your home. And while sizes always vary, having a full-length wall mirror can add more benefits to your life than you may have intended.

Full-Length Wall Mirrors Make Rooms Look Larger

Do you have a guest room that's overly small and gives a claustrophobic feeling whenever you step in? A full-length wall mirror can help give the illusion that your room is larger just by reflecting the entire room. This can work even better if the wall faces toward a larger room so the room can give off the feeling of being triple the size.

Using mirrors like this is a common interior design trick to make spaces look larger. With a high-quality full-length mirror, it can give a very effective illusion of depth and a better psychological feeling to those sensitive to small environments. If it looks too convincing, remember to warn guests that it's a mirror so they don't end up having a collision.

Full-Length Mirrors for Trying on Clothes

Everyone wants to get a full view of themselves when trying on new clothes. However, not everyone has the mirror setups at home that clothing stores have in fitting rooms. Setting up a full-length wall mirror in a closet or your bedroom can give you an opportunity to see yourself better and how you look in that new suit or pair of pants.

As an alternative to seeing yourself from both sides, consider using an additional full-length mirror on an opposite wall. This can help you see yourself from behind when reflected in the opposite mirror. It also can help your bedroom look more expansive as you managed with your guest room mirror.

Wall-Length Mirrors Also Help Bathrooms

If it can fit, a wall-length mirror can help make a small bathroom look much larger and more appealing. Considering it's a place where you'll be spending as much time as you do in the kitchen, it's worth serious consideration. You shouldn't worry if someone might think you're conceited having such a mirror there, because guests will appreciate being able to see themselves in full view just as much as you do.

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