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install-wall-mirrors-without-damaging-your-apartment-walls-centreville-vaAdding wall mirrors to an apartment can be an excellent way to imitate the look of larger space, brighten a room, and add an attractive feature to your home. While wall mirrors come in all sizes, they all need to be hung carefully to avoid damaging the walls of your rental space. To get started with hanging a new wall mirror, consider the following tips.

Start by Locating the Studs

While smaller sizes wall mirrors can be mounted almost anywhere, it becomes a bit more challenging when working with heavier mirrors. In order for a large mirror to be mounted without damaging the walls, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate the sturdy beams to hang the mirror from.

Rely on Anchor Screws

Anchor screws are one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll be able to hang heavier mirrors without any worry of them slipping from the wall due to their weight. In fact, some of these screws can support well over 40-pounds, allowing you to hang mirrors of all sizes.

Take Care When Removing the Mirror

If you’ve had a wall mirror hung for a long time and you’re ready to remove it, either due to a change in interior design or you’re moving, it’s important to be careful while removing the mirrors. After taking down the mirror, you’ll need to slowly remove any screws and mounting to avoid damaging the walls.

Wall mirrors can look wonderful in an apartment, but you’ll want to be careful during the mounting so that your apartment walls are kept in great shape. If you’re currently on the market for a wall mirror, feel free to contact us.

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