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Mirrors are an essential item for every home, but they also function beautifully as decoration. If you're looking to spruce up your home, check out these mirror decorating tips to make a big impact with little effort. 

Mirror Panels 

If you have a long hallway or a bare wall, create mirror panels by either using custom-made mirrors that are the length of the wall, or simply placing several smaller mirrors side-by-side. You can also experiment with various tints for a more abstract feel. 

Antique Mirrors 

A specked mirror might not be ideal for putting on your makeup, but it looks great in a classically furnished living or dining room. The antique look adds elegance. 

Go Big 

Get a mirror custom made to fill up the majority of a wall, and choose a beautiful frame. It's a bold statement, but shows style and will add a feeling of space and light to any room. 

Go Double 

Hang two identical mirrors side-by-side to create a more dynamic and interesting look in your living space. You'll also get the benefit of more light reflection. 

See double

Place a mirror to reflect your collection of candles to create the illusion of double the flames. 

Create a theme

Place multiple, different shaped mirrors close to each other and connect them with a theme using the frames. For example, maybe all the frames are made of the same material, or are all the same color.

Here at Hutchins Glass & Mirror, we can meet all your mirror needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you find the right mirrors to decorate your home. 

install-wall-mirrors-without-damaging-your-apartment-walls-centreville-vaAdding wall mirrors to an apartment can be an excellent way to imitate the look of larger space, brighten a room, and add an attractive feature to your home. While wall mirrors come in all sizes, they all need to be hung carefully to avoid damaging the walls of your rental space. To get started with hanging a new wall mirror, consider the following tips.

Start by Locating the Studs

While smaller sizes wall mirrors can be mounted almost anywhere, it becomes a bit more challenging when working with heavier mirrors. In order for a large mirror to be mounted without damaging the walls, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate the sturdy beams to hang the mirror from.

Rely on Anchor Screws

Anchor screws are one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll be able to hang heavier mirrors without any worry of them slipping from the wall due to their weight. In fact, some of these screws can support well over 40-pounds, allowing you to hang mirrors of all sizes.

Take Care When Removing the Mirror

If you’ve had a wall mirror hung for a long time and you’re ready to remove it, either due to a change in interior design or you’re moving, it’s important to be careful while removing the mirrors. After taking down the mirror, you’ll need to slowly remove any screws and mounting to avoid damaging the walls.

Wall mirrors can look wonderful in an apartment, but you’ll want to be careful during the mounting so that your apartment walls are kept in great shape. If you’re currently on the market for a wall mirror, feel free to contact us.

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ab08397eee41d768180d3750de341641134While many people think of large pieces of artwork when they begin to look into getting a focal piece for a wall, a mirror can be a stylish alternative. Not only do wall mirrors come in a large variety of styles, they’re also able to reflect light to help encourage natural light in your home. In order for you to be happy with your new focal piece, consider the following tricks for wall mirrors.

Position the Mirrors Strategically

The height that you hang a mirror at can make a big difference in the statement it makes. While you want the mirror to be eye-level, that can be difficult when working with a large mirror. Trying out different placements before hanging can ensure that you’re happy with the positioning.

Find Mirrors with Interesting Frames

One of the best parts of using a wall mirror as a focal piece in your home is the endless options for frames. Taking a look at the different wall mirror frames with the rest of your homes style in mind can help a lot in leading you towards mirrors that will fit right in.

Consider What is Being Reflected

The reflection of your new wall mirror can make a big difference in the final look. It’s recommended to get some natural light reflecting in the mirror, along with avoiding any clutter in the reflection.

Bigger is Often Better

If you’re trying to use a wall mirror as a focal piece, you’ll need to take special care regarding the size. It’s often best to go for the biggest wall mirror possible so that it can be eye-catching and stand out in a room.

If you’re interested in purchasing a wall mirror for your home, please contact us.

36d965bd570cb11c0457da342b62350aDespite persistent warnings, more than 40 million Americans continue to smoke cigarettes or cigars on a routine basis. Not only is it an addictive, costly habit that can drain their bank accounts and cause illness, it will leave behind a pervasive, harmful residue too. It’s made up of more than 6,500 chemicals, which are often extremely hard to remove from bathroom mirrors, glass surfaces and shower doors. However, the task is not impossible to complete, providing that the right products and procedures are in place.

One of the easiest ways to remove tobacco smoke residue from bathroom mirrors and shower doors is to apply steam. Even though the residue is oily, the steam will soften it up to the point where it can simply be wiped away with a clean cloth. However, not all of us have ready access to high quality steamers. Plus, as we mentioned before, the residue contains many chemicals and not all of them are water-soluble. That said, household rubbing alcohol will typically dissolve some of the smoke residue too. It is ideal for removing smoke residue that contains chemicals like vinyl chloride, polonium, lead, butane and toluene.

Other common cleaners that may help freshen up shower doors coated with smoke residue are white vinegar, ammonia, degreaser, oxygenated and chlorine bleach. However, they shouldn’t be used without hesitation. Why? Those types of cleaners give off strong fumes and may damage certain surfaces. For instance, some commercially available containers of bleach are not as pure as others. As such, they could turn plastic shower doors yellow or cause decorative elements to fade. People who own glass shower doors should take heed too because bleach also has the power to create etching and discoloration. Therefore, use them at your own risk. To learn more about repairing or replacing nicotine stained shower doors and mirrors, please contact us today.

7da3f2de13d73a8e47853301a8a84fe0It’s coming up on a new year and there’s never been a better time to freshen up homes and businesses with wall mirrors. In our experience, adding them really helps set the mood and shows a willingness on the part of the building’s owner to change direction. That said, our custom mirror fabricators and installers have come up with a short list of their best tips for selecting and positioning new wall mirrors in 2015. Here it is:

Always keep the rules of Feng Shui in mind when choosing a location for your new wall mirror. The most important one is to place the mirror where it can reflect all of the great things that you want more of in your life during 2015. For instance, if you want more time with your family, place the mirror where it will reflect the images of the ones you love the most.

Furthermore, remember that a wall mirror’s best attribute is the ability to reflect light and imagery in interesting ways. Therefore, keep in mind the basic rules of reflection too. For example, flat mirrors do not alter an image but convex and concave ones do just that. Hence, that’s why mirrors in amusement parks’ fun houses traditionally look the way that they do.

Next, if you plan on hanging a new wall mirror over top of furniture, do two things. First, choose a frame that matches something about the furnishings closest to it. Second, make sure that the mirror’s size, symmetry and hanging height are in harmony with the furnishings as well. If you have any doubts about being able to achieve those things, relay those concerns to our wall mirror fabricators. They may be able to provide personalized guidance.

Similar may be said about selecting a wall mirror’s shape. Because we custom create mirrors, it is possible to go beyond the normal squares, circles, rectangles and ovals. Just be cognizant that Feng Shui principles state objects with severe angles and points should be used sparingly and only in certain situations.

To ask our custom fabricators questions and learn more about how adding the right wall mirror can give people a new outlook on life, please contact us today. We are open weekdays and on Saturdays by special appointment only. So if you e-mail your wall mirror question in, you may expect to receive an answer on one of our normal business days.

e8cccb0fadb6cf835a8907966cce79ab2Decorating your home and making it your own can be a challenge when you have to rely on what you can purchase in a store or online. Some people may find what they want, others may compromise, but it is possible to decorate your home how you want when you decide to invest in custom wall mirrors.

Get a Fit for an Awkward Location

If you have a spot on the wall in your home that no store-bought mirror can fit, you can use the assistance of professionals that create wall mirrors to get one that fits the awkward spot perfectly. It is a simple solution to an issue that some homeowners will deem impossible to resolve.

Have Your Own Design

Along with getting a mirror on your wall in hard-to-fit places, you can get your own design. With the ability to choose from a multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs, there is no reason you cannot fill your home with personalized mirrors that represent you through your own design ideas.

Enjoy a Mirror for Years to Come

It is hard to know whether you are going to get a high quality or low quality mirror from the store, unless you have previous experience with the particular brand. However, there is an even more effective way to ensure you get a mirror that will last for years, and that is by getting one custom-made.

Knowing that you are getting the highest quality materials put into your mirror will give you confidence in your purchase, and it will help you enjoy the mirror for many years.

Contact us to learn more about custom wall mirrors.

hutchinsonblogHere at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we provide not only standard mirror items, but also create custom mirrors for those who want something different. While mirrored shelves may not necessarily be offbeat, it may be only for some select tastes. Nevertheless, when you know why people use them, you may want to try them yourself. It has everything to do with lighting both artificially and naturally in helping to illuminate items you have on display.

In the realm of artificial lighting, a mirrored shelf can help throw light at angles you couldn't achieve otherwise. Many people now use strip lighting that can fit into the small niches of a shelf unit. With these little LED lights, light can be better reflected thanks to using mirrors. If you've ever experimented with lighting using mirrors, you know how it can create some interesting effects.

This helps when you want to display an item and you have specialized lighting to bring out specific details.

The same applies to natural lighting if you depend on that lighting from nearby windows. As many discover using glass furniture we design for them, the ability to reflect natural light from windows is a real asset to a room without having to depend on using lamps.

Then, a mirrored shelving unit can do another thing that much larger mirrors frequently help with in many homes.

Giving the Illusion of More Space

The greatest gift mirrors give to people living in small spaces is providing the illusion that there's more space there than there really is. Those who use our wall mirrors see the strongest advantages to this for small rooms. But mirrored shelves can provide the same effect. If you have just a small shelf unit with a few items, it can give the impression you have more shelf space than meets the eye. Along with reflecting items sitting on the shelves, it can fill in additional empty space.

Contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out more about custom projects we can do like mirrored shelves. We want you to see the advantages of how mirrors in your home can help create better lighting and a better psychological feel to free you from feeling claustrophobic.

1068088ae9aee592dd18cba4e627af90 2 You probably have mirrors in all the expected indoor spaces: in the bathrooms to help with cleaning your face, by the dresser for putting on makeup, and by the entry for one last look before you head for work. Well these reflective accessories can work their magic just as well outdoors.

  • Increase your foliage. Are your plants and flowers looking a bit sparse because of your brown thumb or you just don't have a lot of space? Put a mirror behind your favorite flowering plants or next to masses of container gardens and you'll instantly double the size of your foliage. If you have a blank wall outside, mounting a mirror on it will also increase the visual size of your outdoors.

  • Keep visitors occupied. If you put a mirror just outside your front door, you give visitors a chance to fix themselves up before they ring your doorbell. They also won't mind if you take longer-than-usual to let them in because they'll be too busy looking at themselves.

  • Adjust the sun. Does the path of the sun across your property brighten some outdoor spaces and leave others in the dark? Adding some artfully angled mirrors can reflect the sun's light into the gloomier corners of your patio or garden. These reflective sheets don't have to be mounted on wall. They can also be integrated into plant stands and outdoor tables.

Naturally, such outdoor mirrors need to be waterproof and be mounted with materials that resist the weather. Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide more information.

how-wall-mirrors-can-work-well-in-small-rooms-of-your-home-college-park-mdHaving several small rooms does not mean you need to treat them like so. It is possible to make a small room be just as useful as a large room, as long as you invest in proper organization and furniture. It is simply not realistic to purchase or place large furniture into a small room and except it to work, you need to work with what you have, which is a limited amount of space.

Using wall mirrors is an excellent way to improve your small rooms in a variety of ways.

Get More Light with Minimal Lighting

Having a mirror next to a source of light is a smart choice because it will reflect the light and bounce throughout the room to create even more lighting. Artificial lighting is artificial regardless of how you put it, so it really does not matter whether you get extra light from a floor lamp, table lamp, or mirror.

Make the Space Appear Larger

In a small room, you may feel a little claustrophobic depending on how you organize the room, but despite not being able to get more square footage, you can still make the room feel larger. Wall mirrors can be used to reflect an open space, which gives off the illusion of having more space.

Create a Non-Obstructive Focal Point

If you generally like to have a large focal point in your room, you may not be able to do this when you have a small room that demands functionality. However, you can still enjoy a beautiful focal point with a wall mirror because a wall mirror does not need to consume a lot of room, just some space on the wall.

Contact us for more information about using wall mirrors in your home.



are-your-bathroom-mirrors-ready-to-meet-face-to-glass-with-the-in-laws-manassas-vaYou’ve just got the news, company is coming. Better check out the guest and main areas of your home to make sure that they’re up to snuff. And yes, that includes those bathroom mirrors. After all, they’re known to accumulate nasty buildup caused by the use of personal care products like toothpaste, hair lacquer and scented body spray. Here’s how to get them ready before the in-laws show up:

Half fill a spray bottle with distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Then spray it onto clean paper towels and use them to wipe down the bathroom mirrors. It should remove the hair lacquer, body spray and toothpaste residue in a hurry. When you’re done, dry the glass with new paper towels and reach for some Rain‑X® Anti-Fog or a similar product.

Apply the anti-fog as directed. In our experience, it will cut down on the chances that your visitors will feel compelled to run their hands all over your bathroom mirrors after every steamy hot shower. And that will most definitely keep the germs and housework to a bare minimum during their impromptu stay. Afterward, store the anti-fog wipes, alcohol water mixture and paper towels underneath of the bathroom sink for any mid-stay, quick clean ups.

If your bathroom mirrors are in need of more than just a good cleaning and some anti-fog spray, don’t worry. Our glass and mirror experts can replace it with a new one. Depending on how much time you have before the in-laws arrive, you might even want to go with a customized look. There are various quick, easy ways to customize bathroom mirrors of all sizes. For example, you could request that the glass be cut in an interesting shape or have it rimmed with a fabulous frame. To learn more about those and other options before it's time to pick up your house guests, please contact us today.



Have you decided to remodel your Maryland home before the holiday entertaining season starts? If that’s the case, don’t forget about mirrors. They make beautiful, functional additions to any home remodeling project. To prove our point, here are five places that deserve to be decorated with great mirrors:

1.) Bathroom Vanity

What’s a bathroom without a mirror? In our book, they are just as important as sinks, toilets, cabinetry or shelving and shower tub enclosures. Most people like placing the mirrors over the sink or on the back of a door, but you don’t have to stick with convention. Consider putting them above the toilet and towel racks too.

2.) Living Room Wall

Living room walls certainly deserve great mirrors as well. Consider placing a large one behind the sofa, above the fireplace or opposite an entrance door. Gallery walls outfitted with mirrored tiles would also undoubtedly work well in some situations.

3.) Bedroom Wardrobes

The bedroom is not just for sleeping these days. It’s also used for everything from getting dressed to lounging around and reading the Sunday paper. That said, why not outfit a wardrobe or chest of drawers with mirrors? Full-length mirrors placed near a closet, bench or overstuffed chair would make a practical addition to a bedroom design too.

4.) Stair Hallways

Oftentimes, stair hallways can be hard to decorate. We’d suggest that you consider creating a salon-style arrangement of framed mirrors or frames made with small, mirrored tiles. They’ll surely help brighten up the spot significantly and add a good bit of visual interest.

5.) Outdoor Porch or Sunroom

Finally, don’t forget about your home’s sunroom or outdoor porch. They could benefit from mirrors as well. Think about placing the mirrors in areas that are likely to reflect the outdoors or the most natural light. If you have lighting and ceiling fans in those rooms as well, consider placing mirrors around them too.

To learn more about adding a variety of mirrors to your home or business, please contact us. We offer complimentary consultations and specialize in mirror fabrication and installation.


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hutchinsonblogAlthough some people are beginning to talk with Real Estate agents as they prepare to look for a new home this spring, there is a growing population of people who are very interested in pursuing their dream of building their own homes. For many of them, this is the year they will make that dream a reality. 

Regardless of where you fit in to the equation - whether you're going to be moving soon, or you're planning to start building your new home, the most important part of the planning process for you is designing your new space according to your own preferences. Our custom mirrors as well as our other amazing products will add the perfect personal touch to any room of your home. 

Customized Mirrors

Mirrors have long been used as an accent piece in every room. However, they're often overlooked as a way to truly bring the design of the space to life. Mirrors bring a great deal of light and depth into a room. Depending on the type of mirror you choose, you can make a room appear larger or smaller, and mirrors can even be used as artwork if you hang them the right way. With customized mirrors, you have a very important part in the design process, and the finished products will be pieces that will add a distinct amount of character to each room. 

Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to using glass and mirrors in your home's decor, current trends are leaning toward thinking outside the box. They aren't just for hanging on the wall. Consider adding some flair to your dining room with a glass table top. You could also add glass shelving to a sunroom. When you begin to get creative, you'll be amazed that the dramatic effects that can be brought into your space. 

When it comes to customized mirrors and glass, it's important to work with an expert in the field who will take the time to listen to your thoughts and produce a fabulous product for you. That's what we're all about, here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror. If you have some ideas for your home, we would love to help you by bringing those ideas to life. 

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