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36d965bd570cb11c0457da342b62350aDespite persistent warnings, more than 40 million Americans continue to smoke cigarettes or cigars on a routine basis. Not only is it an addictive, costly habit that can drain their bank accounts and cause illness, it will leave behind a pervasive, harmful residue too. It’s made up of more than 6,500 chemicals, which are often extremely hard to remove from bathroom mirrors, glass surfaces and shower doors. However, the task is not impossible to complete, providing that the right products and procedures are in place.

One of the easiest ways to remove tobacco smoke residue from bathroom mirrors and shower doors is to apply steam. Even though the residue is oily, the steam will soften it up to the point where it can simply be wiped away with a clean cloth. However, not all of us have ready access to high quality steamers. Plus, as we mentioned before, the residue contains many chemicals and not all of them are water-soluble. That said, household rubbing alcohol will typically dissolve some of the smoke residue too. It is ideal for removing smoke residue that contains chemicals like vinyl chloride, polonium, lead, butane and toluene.

Other common cleaners that may help freshen up shower doors coated with smoke residue are white vinegar, ammonia, degreaser, oxygenated and chlorine bleach. However, they shouldn’t be used without hesitation. Why? Those types of cleaners give off strong fumes and may damage certain surfaces. For instance, some commercially available containers of bleach are not as pure as others. As such, they could turn plastic shower doors yellow or cause decorative elements to fade. People who own glass shower doors should take heed too because bleach also has the power to create etching and discoloration. Therefore, use them at your own risk. To learn more about repairing or replacing nicotine stained shower doors and mirrors, please contact us today.

hutchinsonblogAlthough some people are beginning to talk with Real Estate agents as they prepare to look for a new home this spring, there is a growing population of people who are very interested in pursuing their dream of building their own homes. For many of them, this is the year they will make that dream a reality. 

Regardless of where you fit in to the equation - whether you're going to be moving soon, or you're planning to start building your new home, the most important part of the planning process for you is designing your new space according to your own preferences. Our custom mirrors as well as our other amazing products will add the perfect personal touch to any room of your home. 

Customized Mirrors

Mirrors have long been used as an accent piece in every room. However, they're often overlooked as a way to truly bring the design of the space to life. Mirrors bring a great deal of light and depth into a room. Depending on the type of mirror you choose, you can make a room appear larger or smaller, and mirrors can even be used as artwork if you hang them the right way. With customized mirrors, you have a very important part in the design process, and the finished products will be pieces that will add a distinct amount of character to each room. 

Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to using glass and mirrors in your home's decor, current trends are leaning toward thinking outside the box. They aren't just for hanging on the wall. Consider adding some flair to your dining room with a glass table top. You could also add glass shelving to a sunroom. When you begin to get creative, you'll be amazed that the dramatic effects that can be brought into your space. 

When it comes to customized mirrors and glass, it's important to work with an expert in the field who will take the time to listen to your thoughts and produce a fabulous product for you. That's what we're all about, here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror. If you have some ideas for your home, we would love to help you by bringing those ideas to life. 

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