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hutchinsonblogHere at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we provide not only standard mirror items, but also create custom mirrors for those who want something different. While mirrored shelves may not necessarily be offbeat, it may be only for some select tastes. Nevertheless, when you know why people use them, you may want to try them yourself. It has everything to do with lighting both artificially and naturally in helping to illuminate items you have on display.

In the realm of artificial lighting, a mirrored shelf can help throw light at angles you couldn't achieve otherwise. Many people now use strip lighting that can fit into the small niches of a shelf unit. With these little LED lights, light can be better reflected thanks to using mirrors. If you've ever experimented with lighting using mirrors, you know how it can create some interesting effects.

This helps when you want to display an item and you have specialized lighting to bring out specific details.

The same applies to natural lighting if you depend on that lighting from nearby windows. As many discover using glass furniture we design for them, the ability to reflect natural light from windows is a real asset to a room without having to depend on using lamps.

Then, a mirrored shelving unit can do another thing that much larger mirrors frequently help with in many homes.

Giving the Illusion of More Space

The greatest gift mirrors give to people living in small spaces is providing the illusion that there's more space there than there really is. Those who use our wall mirrors see the strongest advantages to this for small rooms. But mirrored shelves can provide the same effect. If you have just a small shelf unit with a few items, it can give the impression you have more shelf space than meets the eye. Along with reflecting items sitting on the shelves, it can fill in additional empty space.

Contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out more about custom projects we can do like mirrored shelves. We want you to see the advantages of how mirrors in your home can help create better lighting and a better psychological feel to free you from feeling claustrophobic.