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1068088ae9aee592dd18cba4e627af90 2 You probably have mirrors in all the expected indoor spaces: in the bathrooms to help with cleaning your face, by the dresser for putting on makeup, and by the entry for one last look before you head for work. Well these reflective accessories can work their magic just as well outdoors.

  • Increase your foliage. Are your plants and flowers looking a bit sparse because of your brown thumb or you just don't have a lot of space? Put a mirror behind your favorite flowering plants or next to masses of container gardens and you'll instantly double the size of your foliage. If you have a blank wall outside, mounting a mirror on it will also increase the visual size of your outdoors.

  • Keep visitors occupied. If you put a mirror just outside your front door, you give visitors a chance to fix themselves up before they ring your doorbell. They also won't mind if you take longer-than-usual to let them in because they'll be too busy looking at themselves.

  • Adjust the sun. Does the path of the sun across your property brighten some outdoor spaces and leave others in the dark? Adding some artfully angled mirrors can reflect the sun's light into the gloomier corners of your patio or garden. These reflective sheets don't have to be mounted on wall. They can also be integrated into plant stands and outdoor tables.

Naturally, such outdoor mirrors need to be waterproof and be mounted with materials that resist the weather. Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide more information.