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ab08397eee41d768180d3750de341641134While many people think of large pieces of artwork when they begin to look into getting a focal piece for a wall, a mirror can be a stylish alternative. Not only do wall mirrors come in a large variety of styles, they’re also able to reflect light to help encourage natural light in your home. In order for you to be happy with your new focal piece, consider the following tricks for wall mirrors.

Position the Mirrors Strategically

The height that you hang a mirror at can make a big difference in the statement it makes. While you want the mirror to be eye-level, that can be difficult when working with a large mirror. Trying out different placements before hanging can ensure that you’re happy with the positioning.

Find Mirrors with Interesting Frames

One of the best parts of using a wall mirror as a focal piece in your home is the endless options for frames. Taking a look at the different wall mirror frames with the rest of your homes style in mind can help a lot in leading you towards mirrors that will fit right in.

Consider What is Being Reflected

The reflection of your new wall mirror can make a big difference in the final look. It’s recommended to get some natural light reflecting in the mirror, along with avoiding any clutter in the reflection.

Bigger is Often Better

If you’re trying to use a wall mirror as a focal piece, you’ll need to take special care regarding the size. It’s often best to go for the biggest wall mirror possible so that it can be eye-catching and stand out in a room.

If you’re interested in purchasing a wall mirror for your home, please contact us.

e8cccb0fadb6cf835a8907966cce79abfor blog 2jpgEtched glass first emerged in the mid-19th century as a way to hide patrons in pubs while still allowing natural light to enter a drinking establishment. It wasn't long before Edwardian and Victorian homes took on this idea with glass etchings appearing on everything from mirrors and windows to glassware.

Glass etchings continue to be a popular way to decorate windows and mirrors. This technique involves scraping or scratching a piece of glass in selected spots to create interesting designs. As a result, frosted designs are produced on glass. If you’re considering glass etching for a window or mirror, here’s what is involved.

Features of Etched Glass

Unlike decals or frosted mirrors, an etching doesn't peel, fade or flake. Regardless of how often you clean your mirror, the design or image won’t change its appearance as it’s permanent.

However, its look can be affected by the angle in which it’s viewed and the light in a room. Although it’s not truly three dimensional, a glass edging does have more than two dimensions when looking at it.

Ideas for Etched Glass Mirrors

One of the most common glass etching is a leaf border. This is done by repeating a design around the perimeter of a mirror. Besides being attractive, a leaf border can make your mirror look as if it’s framed.

There are countless designs from which to choose. Some of the more popular etchings involve logos, family crests and military patches.

Glass Etching Techniques

  • Surface etching—This technique involves only etching the surface of a piece of glass. The designs are black and white (positive and negative). While the etched portions usually appear white, the unetched, or clear, parts of a design look dark or black. It's the easiest one to do, besides the quickest.
  • Carvings—In carved etchings, your image is carved or blasted into the glass, which gives it a more three dimensional appearance. Carvings can be done in one, two or several stages. They render a more sophisticated look than surface etchings.

Glass mirror etchings are one of the many services offered at Hutchison Glass & Mirror. To find out more about how we can serve you, please contact us.