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From small to large, antique or custom-made, wall mirrors serve many benefits other than helping you check your hair. Mirrors are a simple way to dress up any room in your home. These tips below can help you use mirrors effectively around your home.

  • Make your rooms seem larger.

A large mirror can make a room look much more open and spacious. Instead of being faced with a blank wall, a mirror reflects the room behind you into sight. This technique is wonderful for small rooms, or rooms with dark walls. A frameless mirror will amplify this effect, as the lack of harsh border between wall and glass helps the open effect. Use large wall mirrors in social spaces like living and dining rooms to create a welcoming and spacious room.

  • Use mirrors to amplify light.

A mirror that catches sunlight from a window can give the impression of even more space as it reflect the light around the room. Use mirrors to brighten up a space that might otherwise seem dim and stifled. This works especially well in bathrooms that have small or no windows. Instead of getting a small medicine cabinet, a mirror the length of the counter-top with good lighting can turn a cramped, dark room into a refreshing and well-lit space. Aside from windows, this effect also works with other light sources, such as a small mirrors near candles or light fixtures.


  • Place mirrors where they can actually be used.

When placing mirrors in the home, don’t forget their actual purpose - to reflect an image. Generally, functional mirrors are resigned to the bathroom. But think of the other places in your home where a mirror would serve both form and function. A large mirror in an entryway not only opens up a foyer as a welcoming space for guest entering the home, but can let you get a final glance over your appearance as you leave. Walk-in closets can benefit immensely from a mirror for the same reasons. Bring the feeling of the gym home with large mirrors in your work-out room. Mirrors can find use in many areas of the home outside of the bathroom.


  • Treat mirrors like art

Mirrors themselves can be treated like artwork. Pick a frame that compliments the decor of the room, whether it’s fun and colorful for a child’s bedroom, or one of rustic aged wood for a dining room. A collection of small mirrors arranged artfully on the wall provide the benefits of a large mirror where one may not fit. Small mirrors can also be intermixed on a wall with art pieces beautifully. 

Almost any room can benefit from the reflective properties of a quality mirror. They are an easy way to bring light, space, and art into a room, even in the smallest of spaces. Please contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out how we can help you bring mirrors into your home.

a3fe66728906c623f76370bc7970f860 resizedWith one of the year’s biggest, most celebrated cooking holidays on the horizon, we wanted to talk about glass table tops. Many people ask us, “Are they safe to use during Thanksgiving feasts?” The succinct answer is, “Yes, with a few caveats.” Remember, not all glass table tops are created equal. As such, they tend to vary when it comes to things like the ability to handle thermal expansion, rapid temperature changes and the impact of external forces. With that said, here’s a rundown of what to keep in mind:

Don’t set glass topped tables near heat sources or in unheated rooms. Otherwise, as you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the rapid changes in air temperatures could cause stress to build. And like anything else, when stress builds to a certain point, it could cause cracks or a total breakdown to occur.

Do remember to avoid placing very hot or cold plates onto glass table tops too. Those types of temperature extremes may create stress as well. Therefore, it is always better to use temperature resistant items to separate the dinnerware from the glass table tops (e.g. coasters, rubber footed trivets and thermal mats).

Similar maybe said for drinking glasses that have a tendency to sweat. They could cause the glass table top to develop hard water marks or other types of discoloration. If that does happen, act quickly and try to remove the stains from the table using Lemi Shine® Detergent or full strength, white vinegar and a lint-free, absorbent cloth.

Don’t place salt blocks, plates or slabs directly onto glass table tops either. Invest in a piece of butcher block or a corrosion resistant plate that can cradle the blocks or slabs during Thanksgiving dinner service. After all, salt is very corrosive and is frequently used to etch glass. So placing a salt block onto the table could actually mar the glass surface and weaken it all the way down to the core.

To learn more about making stunning, glass table tops a focal point during your next Thanksgiving dinner, please contact us at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror today.