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Living in small apartments is common for city dwellers, but there are plenty of ways to maximize your square footage and make it feel spacious. Glass table tops, for example, are stylish, efficient, and meet many needs. Even in the smallest living rooms, you can add a glass table without making the space feel cluttered. Here are some ideas:

Surface area 

Go with a two-tier table to maximize surface area, with a glass top tier. You can use the glass table top as a conventional coffee table; it can hold coasters, a candle, photographs, a book, or simply leave it spare if that's what you prefer. 

Get creative with the bottom tier. Fan out those back issues of your favorite magazines that have been accumulating dust in the corner. You can also pile books if you're short on bookshelf space. 

For those who like to buy items in bulk but lack storage space: find a straw or fabric box for your extra items, and make sure it has a lid. Place the box on the bottom tier. If the box is shallow enough, it's like creating a third tier. You can still place books or magazines on top of the box. Get a round box for a square table, and a square box for a round table. 

Illusion of more space

Your glass table top will reflect whatever is placed on the surface. This gives the illusion of a more spacious living area. If you're worried that placing a coffee table in a small living room will feel cramped, the illusion of less density will help.


Customizing glass table tops are easy and common, so you can create a table that is perfect for your space. Customize your table to fit the exact length of wall nook, or fit perfectly in the center of your seating arrangement. 

At Hutchins Glass and Mirror, we can help you find the ideal glass table top for your home. Contact us to get started.