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Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes their large and bulky, and sometimes their smaller in size and therefore make a less demanding statement. Whatever route you are deciding to take on your coffee table decisions, you should consider adding a glass top coffee table to your options. There are many practical and design benefits when utilizing a glass top for your coffee table. A few of them are as follows:

  • By using a glass top on your coffee table, you are able to easily highlight any area rug you have underneath. Typically, the eye catches the coffee table first being as it sits higher and closer to eye level. By allowing part of the table to diminish without losing style, you are making room for more elements of your room to shine through.
  • You can easily make your own coffee table using a glass top. Depending on what type of base you use, you can purchase your cut of glass and get the exact style you are trying to achieve by accomplishing it yourself.
  • Glass is very easy to clean. As opposed to wood or other standard coffee table materials, glass is easily kept sanitary and stain free.
  • When using glass, you are able to have a completely unique base to hold your table top up. Typically, bases are not seen and therefore forgotten about. With glass, the base can be more of the focal point and add creativity to your space.

If you have some more questions regarding glass or table top designs, check out Hutchinson Glass & Mirror. Hutchinson Glass & Mirror is a family managed and produced company that specializes in the highest quality design, production, and installation of any of your glass needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Or, hop on over to the blog for some more great tips and information on how to get started on your glass project today!

rsz 7d5aca3c89a9edefbbaa53f67589d316Solid coffee tables might be overly traditional for most households, but have you ever thought of using a glass top coffee table in your living room or guest room? It's a stylish way to decorate a room and one that you won't regret based on its usefulness in more ways than one. Some people underestimate the value of glass for rooms and how reflections help in the realm of interior design. Especially in small spaces, it's well worth considering using on coffee tables of any size.

Reflecting Light

One of the most significant ways a glass coffee table can help a room is the ability to reflect natural light. This can help brighten up a room if you have overly dominant items in a room such as a grand piano. Other overly dark items can stand out better this way, particularly if the glass coffee table is close to a window with open curtains. Just be sure the room has at least one window so you'll have a natural light source.

Giving the Illusion of Space

Glass coffee tables can be seen through, which helps give the illusion of transparency. By using glass, it gives a feeling a room is more expansive than it perhaps really is. It works the same as mirrors do in helping create reflections that give the illusion of more space in rooms with small dimensions. The glass's transparency also gives a chance for a fashionable rug to stand out more as a centerpiece to the room.

Helps Provide Balance with an Overly Colorful Room

If your room has overly bright colors, the transparent glass on your coffee table helps bring a color balance. There's such a thing as going overboard with color to a point where it cries out for something muted. A glass coffee table is just what you need in those scenarios. Placing one in the center of an overly colorful room helps provide visual interest and offsets recurring patterns.

Tiered Glass Coffee Tables

This customized idea is a good one because you can place decorative items in between the tiers on the table. This gives a chance to highlight those items without having them be obtrusive on the table's surface. It also helps protect items like antiques or books if food and drinks are regularly passed around the table's surface.

We want to help design a glass coffee table for you so you can enjoy all these benefits. Contact us so we can customize a glass coffee table for any room in your home. We're a family-owned company that's been around for 94 years providing quality glass and mirror products to generations of customers.


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