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6a2342adebd6e606d49415024cf67b0d236Sliding glass doors have become a popular option for households here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, though we know that many people like to customize with the glass door concept. We've had some customers who've enjoyed customizing their homes to a point where a glass door and walls become an unusually fashionable choice for a room. And it's something we can create for you if you've had a similar idea while designing the interior of your home.

How can a glass door and walls partitioning a room work in interior design? You might be surprised at how effective it can be, especially when you have valuable things in a room you don't necessarily want people being close to.

Glass Walls as a Way to Display Room Items

Collectors of antiques or other valuables might want to build a small room with a glass door and walls so visitors can see the items in the room without getting up close. Since those items are resting on shelves, you might have kids around during a gathering that could otherwise mean something falling off and getting broken.

With the glass walls, you can showcase those items without worry of something being damaged. By locking the glass door, you can also keep anyone from walking in. In that regard, it almost works like window shopping.

Keeping Transparent Walls to Keep an Eye on Things

Perhaps you want a room where you can go work while still wanting to keep an eye on your kids or other parts of the house. With a room utilizing glass walls, you have a sound-proof area while still giving you a chance to watch your kids playing in another room. It's an idea that should arguably be incorporated into offices rather than cubicle walls. Along with customization, you can easily add a curtain to the glass walls to use during times when you really do want privacy.

Contact us here at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror to find out more about custom projects like this and so many more variations. Ideas are limitless when it comes to using glass and mirrors in your furniture and home design. Let us show you how effective it can be in bringing something different.