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Is a bathroom remodel on your list of 2015 spring renovations? According to various cost vs. value reports, it is common for homeowners to boost the resale value of their homes by 60% or more by completing bathroom remodels and bathroom additions. So, you’re obviously on the right track. However, in order to stay there it's best to take 2015 bathroom trends into account as well. They indicate that shower glass doors are really hot right now.

Why are shower glass doors hot this year? For starters, they work perfectly in infinity bath schemes. Infinity bath schemes tend to make use of glass doors, overflowing bath tubs and specialty lighting to give the illusion of an endless, serene, watery escape. Glass shower doors also fit in with other trends. Among them are salvaged décor, expanded shower spas, Japanese soaking tubs, high-tech AV systems, seated and steam shower setups.

We particularly like the high-tech shower trend. It makes it possible to include HD televisions, built-in stereos, side-tub refrigeration, chromatherapy and smart water control systems and other cool amenities into personal care experiences. However, to truly have a high-tech bathroom, it is important to find a company willing and able to customize glass enclosures. At Hutchinson Glass & Mirror, we can do that and more.

Our team can fabricate glass shower doors, medicine cabinet mirrors or glass, glass countertops, glass shelving, glass cabinetry and stylish backsplashes. Consequently, when it comes to glass and mirrors, you’ll be able to control every detail of your bathroom model or addition. We can work from photos of your favorite design elements or sketches that you may have created to help plan your bathroom’s new look. Plus, we can show you our gallery of previous bathroom projects that may just spark a new idea or two for you.

To learn more about having shower glass doors and other items customized for your upcoming remodel or addition, please contact us today.


Keeping your shower clean can be a challenge when you consider how quickly glass can become streaked with regular usage. Instead of allowing your shower to look dirty, bringing down the visual appeal of your bathroom, get familiar with a few cleaning tips for shower enclosures. With the following tips in mind, your shower can remain spotless.

Squeegee after Showering

The easiest way to prevent streaking on the glass shower doors is by using a squeegee each time that you shower. Hanging a squeegee using a suction cup inside the shower makes it easy to grab after showering and allows you to wipe down the glass shower door after each shower. This will ensure that no water droplets remain so that the shower can dry thoroughly after use.

Use Glass Cleaner Regularly

Keeping some regularly used cleaning solutions in your bathroom, either underneath the cabinets or in drawers, is so helpful for keeping the space clean. It’s likely that you already have a glass cleaner stored away, so it’s important to begin using this cleaner on the shower doors. This will help remove everything from fingerprints to streaks, helping to keep your shower clean.

Avoid Harmful Cleaning Agents

With how much time is spent in the bathroom each day, it’s important that you’re not breathing any harmful fumes. Sticking with natural cleaning solutions is so helpful since it will keep toxic chemicals out of the bathroom and ensure that your bathroom remains a comfortable place to be.

If you’re curious about how to keep your shower enclosure clean or are interested in getting a new enclosure installed, please contact us.