Testimonial 2

Purchased a 40" by 48-1/2" mirror with L-shaped frame for my remodeled bathroom vanity.

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Hutchison Glass & Mirror is a "world class" company.  A family-owned business in operation since 1920, I found they provide excellent, personal customer service.  My purchase was a relatively small one, but Carol Hutchison assisted me personally over the phone and then in person at the store.  It was clear to me that my satisfaction with the product and serve was extremely important to Carole. Hutchison Glass has their own manufacturing floor behind the storefront.  I noticed that Carol treated her staff like family.  She was respectful and considerate of them, which is important to me.  The Hutchison Glass mirror we bought for our vanity has a uniquely designed "L" frame, rather than the usual "J" frame that secures the mirror to the wall without unsightly tracks or clips.  The mirror is surrounded by a thin metal strip in the customer's choice of metals.  I opted for brushed nickel to coordinate with the bathroom.  But really, it's not even noticeable once the mirror is installed.  The mirror also has a very slight bevel that provides a bit of dimension and polished look to the mirror. I am so taken with Hutchison Glass and Mirror that they are now my "go to" store for glass and mirror products.   I am telling all my friends about this company, so they will also be "in good hands." On a final note, the mirror was very reasonably priced.  The $175 mentioned above includes $118 for the mirror, $7.50 for mastick, and $58 for the "L" frame that secures the mirror.

Testimonial 1

We wanted to get glass tops for  side tables, left 2 small tables with  oval tops with the company so they would be properly sized.  Overall, would go here 1st  as the price here was great, got the glass within 2 days and they did not try to oversell--asked how the tables would be used/recommended appropriate thickness.  There was an error in the cutting of one piece of rectangular glass, no problems when we returned it and it was cut to the right size/no additional charge/also got back within 2 days .  We lived nearby so don't know what type of delivery fees are involved but will say we went to another company also near by, and even though they advertised as doing table tops, we would have to pay for shipping, measuring, make a template etc and then wait for at least 2 weeks as the work we wanted was not done on site.  Hutchison glass was great, would definitely use again.

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great, very friendly.  Mrs Hutchison had her son come out from the work room to look at the oval tables we wanted glass tops for, he was very personable and professional.