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The Advantages of Installing Shower Glass Doors | Rockville, MD

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48214832After you get out of the shower, the last thing you want to do is wipe up a bunch of water on the floor. Unfortunately, that is what usually happens to people who have only a curtain to contain the water from the shower. Additionally, shower curtains are notorious for growing mold because they are wet much of the time. Taking a shower is more relaxing when you have shower glass doors installed. They are easier to clean than curtains and contain the water better. These are the most practical reasons to trade in your shower curtain for a real glass door.

Bring Beauty to Your Bathroom

Another common reason for homeowners to choose glass doors for their shower is that they are simply more attractive. You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs, such as etched flowers or colored glass. The glass doors also give your bathroom a more welcoming feel. If you ever sell your home, keep in mind that many buyers consider the bathroom and kitchen more than other rooms in the house. From a buyer's perspective, glass doors make a bathroom more attractive and they won't have to spend money on remodeling.

Safety Concerns

Some people hesitate to install a glass shower door because they are concerned that it could break. This is extremely unlikely, no matter how hard you bump the doors. The shower doors at Hutchinson Glass & Mirror are constructed with tempered glass as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This ensures that the doors are resistant to breaking.

Get a Quote or Schedule Service

Hutchinson Glass & Mirror offers consultations to all potential customers. We evaluate your current shower situation and make suggestions for a glass door upgrade. We can also show you the numerous styles available to you at that time. Please contact us to schedule your appointment today. There is no cost or obligation.

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