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Modernize Your Rental Home with Frameless Shower Doors | Herndon, VA

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modernize-your-rental-home-with-frameless-shower-doors-herndon-vaAlthough some property owners may decide to avoid fitting into any one particular style with their rental property as to avoid turning off potential tenants from being interested, investing in a modern look is generally a safe bet due to how desirable it is as a style. From aluminum-framed windows to good lighting throughout the entire home, there are many ways to achieve a modern look, and adding frameless shower doors brings you closer to reaching this goal.

Cater to Those Looking for a Modern Home

Even when you lose a few tenants that are not interested in a modern home at all, the fact that you will simultaneously increase the interest of others, especially knowing that these individuals are willing to pay more on the monthly rental rate to get their hands on a modern rental property makes it worthwhile.

An Attractive Appearance

Frameless shower doors look great, and they make bathrooms look clean, open, and organized. It is especially important to keep an organized bath and shower when you have these doors as a clutter of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles can have a negative impact on the overall look.

However, when showing to potential tenants, your rental property’s bathrooms will look amazing.

Sturdy with Tempered Glass

It is understandable to be concerned about safety issues, especially with such a large piece of glass that will consistently be opened and closed on a regular basis. Fortunately, these doors have tempered glass, which make it difficult to break, and thus giving you the confidence you need to invest in them.

If you are looking to modernize your rental home, contact us to learn more about frameless shower doors and how this addition can help you in accomplishing your goal.

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