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Glass Table Tops: Best Ways to Give Haze and Grime the Old Heave Ho | Takoma Park, MD

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Do you love your glass table tops but hate the haze and grime that sometimes comes with everyday use? Don’t worry. There are very simple ways to give both household banes the old heave ho in seconds. Here’s a quick rundown of your options:

  • Why not put that bottle of methylated spirits you have in your bathroom, crafting area or workshop to good use? Believe it or not, at full strength it makes an excellent glass cleaner. Pair it with a lint-free, microfiber cloth and you’ll have Heloise perfect glass table tops in no time.
  • Don’t have a bottle of methylated spirits sitting around the house? Then reach for jug of white vinegar instead. If your glass table top is exceptionally dirty, use the vinegar at full strength. For mild messes, feel free to blend it with distilled water. A 50/50 or 75/25 mixture, heavy on the vinegar, should be sufficient in most situations.
  • What’s that? You don’t have white vinegar in the cabinet either? Well, if you have a plastic bottle full of non-sudsy ammonia hanging out under the kitchen sink, that will work too. One word of warning though, at full strength the odor can be a bit rough on the senses. So we’d recommend diluting it with water and opening up the windows for ventilation purposes.
  • For those days when your glass table tops are dotted with candle wax, grab a bottle of Goo Gone or some other citrus based cleaner and a glass scraper. It should remove the mess quite easily. And when you are done, consider running out to buy soy or natural beeswax candles. They both tend to drip very little and don’t stick to glass table tops as much as paraffin wax candles do.

To learn more about caring for glass table tops or seek assistance in purchasing a new one for your home, please contact us. Our family has been in the glass fabrication business since 1920. Plus, we are longstanding members of the National Glass Association and the American Society of Interior Design.


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