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Contemporary, Sliding Glass Doors: The Best Way to Enjoy Summertime Views | Frederick, MD

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In the summertime, there is nothing that beats the view from sliding glass doors. This is especially the case with those that are accompanied with fixed panels to increase the total viewing area. However, some people still worry that sliding glass doors have more cons and pros. We’re here to tell you that with close attention to details and today’s glass sliding door materials, nothing could be further than the truth.

Sliding glass doors are often manufactured using strong, rust-resistant, air tight materials and specialty glass. The specialty glass is generally designed to accommodate specific U-factors and R-values commonly associated with regional areas. As such, the risk of condensation formation, energy loss and storm water leaks are 100% lower than they were in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

In addition, the tracks the sliding glass doors rely on are much stronger than they were just a few short years ago. And they don’t get hung up on as much as they use to either. Consequently, property owners don’t have to worry about trying to unstuck sliders or hang them back on track every other day or two. Also keep in mind that if modern-day, glass sliding doors do get knocked off of their hinges, they’re lightweight. As such, correctly the problem will barely create a sweat.

Furthermore, the locks on sliding glass doors tend to be a lot stronger than their predecessors as well. Plus, oftentimes they can be tied into smart home security systems that send property owners and police departments’ alerts at the first signs of an attempted break-in.

We’ve even seen contemporary sliders outfitted with motorized window treatments too. Therefore, they are super easy to operate from afar. Simply press a button, turn a knob or punch in a code and the window treatments will respond accordingly. To learn more about glass sliding doors and have a set custom designed to your complete satisfaction, please contact Hutchinson Glass & Mirror.

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